5 Smart Casual Clothing Items Every Woman Needs

In my working environment, the dress code is Smart Casual. This is something I have only recently got my head around, I mean how casual is smart casual? I never want to go in too smart, yet never wanted to be too casual – finding the perfect middle ground has been tough! Constantly, I find myself reaching for the same few items of clothing almost every day because they are easy to be paired with! These are the 5 items I feel every woman should have in their wardrobe to create the perfect Smart Casual outfit.

Black Boots

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is a nice pair of black boots will make any outfit look smarter – but not too smart! I have been pairing almost all of my outfits with my H&M Black Boots, I know that no matter what I am wearing these will complete the look for me. Whether it be a colourful top, dress or all black the boots make it complete.

Casual White Shirt

A feel a freshly ironed smart shirt will make you feel overdressed, yes! That is possible in a working environment. I have a more casual white shirt, which I love. I like to wear this when I am wearing trousers (Or maybe a skirt in the hotter weather) that has a pattern or even a slight colour too them. The white will bring the whole look together, yet keep it casual.


Black Blazer

This is one of my favourite things to wear to work, it keeps me that little bit warmer but still looks smart. Paired with a coloured top and a pair of black jeans, you can’t go wrong. I have two, but I prefer the plainer one of the two, I feel if it has a little more texture too it can be a little more difficult to pair with trousers. I don’t like wearing two different textures together, so I need to try and find some plain black trousers.

A Collection Of Coloured Tops

The ‘Jeans and a Nice Top’ is so widely known, because no-one can find the perfect top, myself included. Worktops are a lot like that! Because you’re still half asleep, they’re harder too find. There is a collection of coloured tops in the wardrobe shouting your name! I like to pair these with simple trousers. The colours make it look like you have put a lot more effort into getting ready than you actually have.

Skater Dress

The easiest thing for me, personally, to slip on, add a belt and leave the house. Wearing a dress gives the illusion that you have spent ages looking for something to wear. Together with a pair of black boots, it will look more casual than you imagine. Without even having done anything yet throw something on last-minute – no ironing is needed, and no pairing items. My favourite of these five items, because of how easy it is to put on.

What item of clothing do you find yourself reaching for on a daily basis? Thanks for reading,

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