Ohh look, it’s me!

I’m Jade Mayhead, Full-Time Sales Assistant Part-Time Blogger. I love to write about Makeup, Beauty and Lifestyle topics.

I write about Makeup because I love to try new products and looks. Also, I enjoy sharing my lifestyle posts with you because I  have moved out of my parent’s house! Scary, I know! I am living with my Boyfriend and kitten, which I love very much. Along the way I have learnt so many new things, which I share with you – So you don’t make the same mistakes I do (which, there was a lot of those!) We are learning how to this thing called ‘adulting’ together, a learning curve for all of us. Beauty is another thing I enjoy writing about, purely because I love anything that makes me feel beautiful.



Originally, I created this page for a bit of a pass-time, but who knew I would love it as much as I do? Certainly not me!

Contact me:

Email: jademayhead@hotmail.co.uk
Instagram: @jademayhead
Twitter: @jade_mayhead
Facebook: Jade Mayhead

Here is my kitty!

Here is my boyfriend!