All The Little Things

Everyone knows the saying It’s the little things that mean the most. I will never be able to explain to people how true this is. Which is why I am taking a moment to remind you of all the little things you should take a moment to enjoy.

  • Getting 100% engrossed in a good book.
  • Going to a coffee shop.
  • People Watching on your own.
  • Putting on an item of clothing straight from the dryer.
  • Lying down on fresh bed sheets.
  • Finally shaving your legs.
  • Finding your favourite movie is on TV.
  • Hearing your favourite song on the radio.
  • Finally getting the perfect selfie.
  • Using your favourite Body Wash.
  • The Good hair days.
  • Waking up naturally.
  • Hearing birds in the trees.
  • Your pet actually coming to you for a cuddle.
  • Receiving a sweet message.
  • Finding a new TV series.
  • Having two songs you like in a row when your music is on shuffle.
  • That first taste of alcohol on a Friday.
  • Having your favourite meal.
  • When someone makes you a sandwich.
  • Making the perfect cup of tea/coffee.
  • Taking a look at the new items you have purchased.
  • Using a new tube of toothpaste.
  • Putting on your dressing-gown.
  • Laughing till your belly hurts.
  • When someone compliments you.
  • When your favourite artist releases a new song.
  • Being ready with time to spare.
  • Speaking with someone you haven’t for ages.
  • Meeting with someone you haven’t seen for a while.
  • Someone telling you they miss you.
  • Surprises.
  • Finding a new artist you love.
  • Winning a game.
  • Watching a programme on the television and really enjoying it.
  • Lighting a new candle.
  • The morning stretch.
  • Your favourite TV characters getting along.
  • Taking a walk.

I think a Bank Holiday should be all about the little things in life. What are your favourites? Thanks for reading,

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