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My skincare routine is something I really lask on, I have never been one for loads of different products. Moisturiser has been the one thing that has always worked for me, so I kept it. I don’t really understand anything other than that, so I don’t try to branch out. During the colder weather my skin always gets a lot more dry than usual, meaning I need a more hydrating product. Something I have been loving is the B. Moisture Gel.

The Skincare Range

I really like the way B. has labelled each item within a ‘Skin Phase’, this made it a lot easier for me to understand the order to apply each product. *which I have recently found out this is not what each phase is for! Each phase is targeted for different ages: Phase 1: From your late 20s& 30s. Phase 2: From your late 30s. Phase 3: From your late 40s. Phase 4: From your late 50s, 60s & Beyond. This has actually put me off a little of these products, I really don’t like to purchase something that has a defined targeted age restriction. I enjoy using anti-ageing face creams, because I feel they work the best for me, not because I need them with my little baby face!* There are 4 phases in total, I purchased one product from the first and second phase.

B. Confident Moisture Gel

Phase 1: B. Confident Moisture Gel. The packing makes the product look like a high-end one! It has a white lid, and the jar itself is almost frosted glass look. The product itself was not what I was expecting, I have never tried a gel before so I didn’t really know what to expect. On first opening, the product is green in colour and looks the same texture as pure Aloe Vera *Which I have only ever seen videos of! It smells a little artificial, but that’s only when you really smell it – which I am not sure many people will do! The strongest scent that comes from the gel is a refreshing almost minty smell, it’s a complete summer scent! When I first applied it to my face it was instantly cooling to the skin. I used a small amount, which goes a long way! When rubbing it into the skin it instantly made my face feel hydrated and younger. It did leave my face feeling a little tacky for a while after using it, which has never happened to me because my skin needs as much moisture as it can get! I am very shocked at how well this product has worked for me and my dry skin. After now, having used a gel I don’t think I will be going back to a cream moisturiser again. The gel has done so much more for my skin that I thought! I will give this product a 9/10 – Because of the slightly artificial scent.
        Skin Phase 1 has three key active ingredients. 1) Niacinamide – This helps to even skin tone and prevents blemishes by regulating the skin that is prone to any imperfections. 2) Environmental Protection – This helps by creating a layer of the skin to help protect from any harmful chemicals in the surrounding air. 3) Hyaluronic Acids – This helps by holding in any water that is placed there, keeping the skin hydrated and smooth. There was a 42% increase in hydration to the skin that the gel was applied too, even after 12 hours. 51 people tried this moisture gel twice a day for 4 weeks, the results: 91% said their skin feels moisturised, 77% said the gel is an ideal base for makeup and 73% said their skin looks and feels healthier.

B. Radiant Eye Cream

Phase 2: B. Radiant Eye Cream. This packaging I was a little disappointed at, after seeing the first one that looks so luxurious. This comes in just a white plastic tube, with the black writing of the product on the front. When I first unscrewed the lid of this there was cream all over the nub of the product, meaning I had to wipe it before I could use it – The product was completely sealed when I purchased this. I was expecting a piece of foil or something over the end of it, so there was no risk of the product squeezing out, but it did! This product claims to be a cream, but I would say it is more of a gel. The texture is more like a gel, and it is clear in colour! I don’t know any other cream that is clear?! The scent is a pretty strong one, that smells pretty artificial. To apply this I take a small amount to the eye area and rub gently using my ring finger. It makes my eye area feel a lot cooler which I think will reduce bags and puffiness from the area. I am really enjoying the product itself, it’s the other factors that have let it down for me personally. I am going to give this product a 7/10 – Because they say its a cream when it is more like a gel, and the scent is something I feel a little uncomfortable putting around my eye area.
Phase 2 has 3 key active ingredients to help the skin. 1) Olive Leaf & Jujube Seed – This gives the skin a more radiant appearance. 2) Tetrapeptide 21 – This helps the skin produce collagen, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 3) Hyaluronic Acid – This keeps the skin hydrated by holding onto any moisture. 12 hours after the first application there was a 73% increase in hydration to the skin. In a study of 57 women using the eye cream twice a day for 4 weeks: 94% of people agreed their skin felt moisturised all night. 87% said their skin was noticeably smoother. 87% said their skin looked less dull. 83% said their skin felt noticeably softer.
I really like B. as a brand because they don’t test on animals, their packaging clearly states whether their vegan-friendly. For a drugstore brand, their skin care is amazing. If you have tested anything in their range I would love to know what you thought of it! Jade

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