29th December

‘ The more we share the more we have. ‘

I have seen so many amazing posts this month – As I have got myself back into blogging so much more now! I would like to give some people a little more credit because I understand how hard blogging is. I would love for you to check out some of these posts, and even their pages – because each of these people is amazing! All of their posts are wonderful, these are just my favourites for this month.

www.beautifulmessedupminds.co.uk – Blogger Secret Santa Ideas.

I love all of these gift ideas, I would be so happy with every single one of them. I love how they are separated for each individual type of person. Each and every single one of these gifts is also under £15, which I think is amazing!

www.beffshuff.com – DIY Bauble Wreath

This is such a simple way to reuse all of your old baubles that you don’t put on your tree anymore. It so such a simple thing to do, yet so effective and beautiful.

www.accordingtoalicex.com – Winter Makeup Looks

I love all of the makeup looks in this post, there are three altogether, I can’t choose a favourite from them all. All three are perfect for this time of year.

www.blacktulipbeauty.com – Boyfriend Does My Makeup

This looked like a lot of fun to take part in, as well as write up. I am not sure I would trust my boyfriend to do my makeup! The end look is, um, interesting!

www.covetluxe.com – Why I Don’t Want To Be A Beauty Blogger Anymore

This must have been a pretty tough post to put live, because of the honesty that went into it. I am sure she feels so much better now though, being able to blog about the things she enjoys more.

www.melaniewithanie.com – What’s In My Makeup

This was such an informative post for me, finding out what each ingredient is that I actually use on my skin. It;s made me really think about it a lot more than I did before.

www.maquillagewithlelaini.com – Christmas Tree Nail Art

This is such an easy nail art to create yourself. Using just a dotting tool, and she has even managed to put a little star on the top. How cute is that?!

www.brookeclarke.com – Funny Secret Santa Ideas

Anyone who says they didn’t laugh at this post is lying. Each of these gifts are under £5, so you’re not breaking the bank, but you are making everyone around you laugh.

www.adellbaker.com – Minimal Gift Wrapping Ideas

This post perfect for those people who aren’t naturally good at wrapping anything. The most simple ways to make the gifts look like they have taken hours.

www.sophiaaaxo.com – My Favourite Hot Chocolates

Two home-made hot chocolate recipes that actually taste nice! These are easy to make, and ever easier to drink. As someone who doesn’t love hot chocolate these make them so much tastier.

www.beautyandthebookshelves.com – Nutella Christmas Tree

This is such an easy thing to make at home, and it looks beautiful! You could even change it up and have so many different fillings/ She has written this perfectly, making is super easy to follow along.

www.busybeeblogweb.wordpress.com – Festive Mood Board

This put me right in the Christmas mood, as soon as I seen this. I love easy and every picture used within the boards, they are just perfect for this time of year.

www.jennyinneverland.com – Organisation Tips for New Year

Trying to get organised for the year is the hardest thing, using these tips it will make it so much easier! I am almost certainly going to use these tips for myself.

www.glamwithplatinumm.com – 200 Followers

What an amazing achievement, and she should really be proud of herself! With the makeup looks she creates and the content she comes out with, she really deserves it.

www.heyitsmeroseanne.com – Clearing My Vanity Table

The difference of the before and after photos are just inspiring. It has made me realise how mad I need to do mine, because of all the expired makeup.

www.thoughtsfromjasemine.wordpress.com – Trying Old Clothes

This is such an inspirational post, looking back on the past few years and seeing how she has changed. Her fashion taste is just beautiful, I am so proud that she is happy with who she is now.

www.claudiamatias.com – November Favourites

I love all of the products she has chose for this post, especially the planner (Secretly extremely jealous of it!) The two metallic lipsticks are beautiful as well.

www.charlottesmakeupblog.com – Drugstore Christmas Party Look

I really like that she has used only drugstore makeup products, as you know i am a huge fan of the drugstore! The look she has created is also just stunning, as well as all the others she creates.

That’s it, all of my favourite posts in December! Jade xo