Bullet Journal Set Up | May 2018

As you may know, I started a Bullet Journal in January (You can read that post here). I didn’t use it for as long as long as I had expected, If I told you I had used it for 3 weeks, I would over exaggerating. Setting the Bullet Journal up was much more fulfilling than the actual use of it.

The Book

I decided to purchase the actual Leuchittrum19 which is designed for the bullet journal, with the numbered and dotted pages. The month of May has now been planned, just not quite filled out yet. Before I do complete this, I would like to show you what I have done so far. Not only to share this Bullet Journal journal with you but to give you all some inspiration if you are completing them. I feel like since I did the one in January I knew a lot more this time around, meaning I could organise it a lot more efficiently for my lifestyle.

The particular book had got a few pages for the contents already in there, so that makes navigating through this book a whole lot easier.

Yearly Pages

The first page is designated to my yearly goals. I have separated them into Mind, Body, Savings, Bad Habits and Blog. I have many of these I am going to be adding along the way. Mental Health is something I have struggled with for a long time, so I would love to tackle it a lot this year. The body one is more about my mental attitude toward my body. The Savings is for things I would like to save up for, as well as an amount I would like to have saved up, just for a rainy day. Bad Habits – This is going to be for those pesky little habits I have that I would like to break completely. I have so many different Blogging goals, that I would like to start recording them.

The simple calendar I have drawn on Page 2 is just there for reference. I am planning to cross out the days as they go by. Not only is it easier for me to see where we are in the year but I will be able to see how long it is until the next event in my life.

Once those particular dates are highlighted I am then going to write them on the following page, with a reason as to why they are important. For example, the holiday I am taking on the 16th of May! There is also the ever-growing list of family members birthdays to add to this.

Page 4 is all about my moods for the day. Like in my previous book I designed this around the Movie ‘Inside Out’. The little faces of the characters have been drawn, which I am using a reference for the colours. I am also going to write some other words for the emotions under the name, so it is easier for me to choose which one I am feeling the most.

My previous journal had the savings page with the wall on, which is something I really liked. So I have incorporated this into my new book. This time I have filled the whole page with bricks, each brick is worth £10.00. Once I have that amount saved I will colour it in, to create a full wall. I am planning to draw some graffiti-like writing on there, just haven’t decided what to writ just yet.

Who else is forever saying they want to watch a certain movie, then forgets about it less than 5 minutes later? I will always be on of those people, which is where this page comes into play. As soon as I say I want to watch a movie it is going straight to this list. Not only will I remember these movies, but when I am sat there trying to choose a movie this list is going to come in handy.

Tracking my stats is something I have been wanting to do for the longest time, just haven’t found the right way to do it. Welcome to my life Page 7. The months are down the side, I am going to insert the numbers on the last day of the month, too see which of my platforms I will need to work on more that month. Also, it gives me a simple indication as to how well I have been doing that month, whether those numbers go up or down.

Monthly Pages

Each month I would like to create a while page where I can draw, colour and write. ‘May the force be with you’ just needed to be the theme for this month! It has also given me a little taster as to which fonts I like to write in, and which don’t work so well with me.

Weekly spreads are one of the main reasons for the journal. I can record the things I have planned, as well as the things that went well in that day. on the Right of each page, I have a little to do list, containing the things I need to do for that week. These items are the things that don’t necessarily have a set date and time, just need to get done when I can. If I don’t complete them I will need to re-write them onto the following week. This is going to help me to complete the task more easily because I not going to want to keep rewriting the same thing.

Wasting money is something I have always been bad at, so I am starting to record everything I spend my money on. This is going to show me, in plain eyesight, how much money I spend on useless things. Helping me to quit wasting it, hopefully to them start saving it.

If you haven’t heard of the habit tracker then where have you been? This is widely known on the internet, which is why I just needed to keep this in my new journal. I did have one in my old bullet journal. The number of habits I had was a little excessive, so I have cut it down to just 9. Having this small amount is going to help me actually stick to them, I will then change them out the following month.

It’s Time To Vent. I have forever been someone who gets really worked up over the smallest of things. Keeping things in, then exploding right at the last minute. Instead of keeping it all inside I am going to write in=t all over this page, so I have released it. Hopefully, making me feel better.

What Makes Me Happy? Just like the previous page, but instead of the negative things, I am going to make this the happy one. Writing the little things down that make me smile or laugh is going to help me when I feel sad, just taking a look at this page will cheer me up.

The last page that I have is the Fact Of The Day. At work, there is a few of us that go through a fact of the day, just a little something to keep the days ticking along. We all know the saying ‘ You learn something new everyday’ Here is where I am going to record all of that.

Have you tried Bullet Journalling? I would love to know what you thought about it. If you have any posts about it then leave your link below, I would love to read some more about it. Thanks for reading,

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