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Happy New Year!

Today marks the first day of 2018! There is so much potential for the upcoming year. Personally, 2017 had many ups and downs, but I am determined to make this year more up than down. I have a goals post, which if you haven’t seen I will link here. One of those goals was to be more organised, purchase me a Bullet Journal and actually use it for the whole year.

I have actually already purchased myself one and managed to decorate it ( not being arty at all!) I got a squared notebook from Waterstones – The only colour they had left was a red one! There were 2 different sizes, I chose the smaller of the two. Choosing the smaller one will ensure that it fits into most of my bags, so I have no excuse as to why I don’t use it.

The book itself

This particular book has already got some decorated pages inside. All of the pages are already numbered, which is something I am a huge fan of. The first page has an Index as well as a Key. This is perfect for the use of a Bullet Journal, I haven’t actually added the information onto this yet, as it is a pretty small space for the whole book. Seeing as I am only in January, I felt this wasn’t necessary.The next two-page spread has a world map on. This is a great page for people who love to travel, personally, I don’t feel I will get much use out of this particular page. The page following this is for your yearly goals, this includes ones for your mind, body, learning, breaking a bad habit. After this, there are twelve pages, divided into monthly planners. It’s then onto the following squared pages.

Starting Bullet Journalling

When I started this Bullet journal, I went straight into the book, realising this was NOT the right way to go about this. Since then, I have collected a few tips and trick to help you along your way.
The things I used and would highly recommend: Pencil, Rubber, Coloured Pens, Sticky Notes, A Sheet Of Paper.

The pencil is there for you to plan out the design of each page. Using a pencil is so much easier with a lot less pressure. With a pencil it isn’t as worrying when you go wrong, just use the rubber and start again. Once you have designed each page and are happy with it, you can then go in with the coloured pens. I used the sticky notes to create ‘banners’. I am NOT arty at all, so by using the different colours, it made each page a lot more pretty. The sheet of paper was there for me to plan where each page was going. I am someone who likes to know what they are doing before it happens, so having a separate sheet of paper to plan where each page was going helped me so much.

My Bullet Journal

I have very up and down days, I have previously mentioned I wanted to make 2018 a more up year. This is why I have designed the first page as ‘My Year In Pixels’. There is a key down the side, I designed mine around the movie Inside Out with each of the feelings the same colour. The idea of this is to fill in the box with the colour corresponding to your mood for the day. At the end of the year, you will then have a fully coloured grid, with an easy way to see how you have been feeling all year.

I then went onto creating a savings page. This is the most simple page in my book. I simply created a wall like page, I did this by using two squares to create a brick on each line. Each of my bricks is going to represent £5. I will then colour in each brick for the amount I have saved over the course of the year. Last year I started to save every single £5 note I came across, I am planning to do the same again this year. I feel I saved so much by doing this, which is why I am doing it again. Creating a savings page will help me in more ways than one. It will help me to keep the savings separate from my disposable money, meaning I am less likely to go into my savings pot. Another way it will help me is by giving me a visual of how much I have saved during the year.

Moving into a new place means there is a lot of cleaning to be done. I have created a simple cleaning page, so I know what needs doing, and when it was done last. The chores are listed on the left side of the page, there is then each month going along the top, so I can tick when they have been done. This page is going to make it a lot easier for me to see what I still need to do. I love to clean, now I have my own place, so I can now clean, without going over the top!

My month pages were the next ones on my list. I used the two-page spread for a habit tracker. This is a lot like the cleaning page, which you colour in the squares once you have done them. Each habit is something you try to complete daily. I have created some new ones on there, and some ones that I already do, just not every single day. I put the Social Media items at the bottom and left a gap in the middle for any things I think of along the way.

This leads to the weekly spread. I chose to have the weekdays on the left page, then the two weekend days on the right.  Different designs were to go onto the top of each spread, that the more most simple I could think of. I needed a little box for the things I need to be completed during the week. A small notes box was also a necessity for me. I chose to have the days names on each week, as well as having a coloured liner, one colour for each day, going along the top. This makes it more colourful without becoming too overcrowded.

January 31st is on a Wednesday. I wanted to have the end of the month on the page, I didn’t want to start mixing the two months together, even though it is in the same week. Using the bottom of the page I created a small Stat Tracker. I have a box which I am filling in at the beginning of the month, I then put whether the numbers have gone up or down, by how much. The last box is there to collect the totals for the end of the month. I feel like this is going to help me decide which of my Social Media Platforms I am growing the quickest, as well as help me to spread my time over the platforms that need more attention.

The last page I have designed is a Spend Log. I need to learn how to budget my money. Previously, I have always been paid weekly. I have a feeling this new job will be monthly, which means I will need to learn how to make this money last for a month, instead of a week! This is why I have created a Spending Log. I designed it so I can write in what was purchased and how much it cost. I will be using three different coloured pens for this. Red, Orange and Green. These colours will determine how well my spending has been. It will show me how much of my money I am actually spending on things I need. Most of all it will show me how much I am wasting.

How will you be organising your time throughout the year? Jade

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