Blogmas 2017

Christmas Cracker Jokes | Blogmas

23rd December ‘ It’s all fun and games till Santa checks the naughty list. ‘ What better way to celebrate Christmas Eve Eve than with the best Christmas Cracker jokes?! You best get yourself prepared because they are going to be… Continue reading →

Helping Others At Christmas | Blogmas

22nd December ‘ Tis the season to be giving. ‘ Christmas time is all about loving and sharing with the people around you. Thinking not only of the people we love but the people in need at this time of year…. Continue reading →

Would You Rather | Blogmas

21st December ‘ Believe in the magic of Christmas’ I have been tagged by two people to do this tag! The first is Lily, the second was Jasmine. I am so glad to be taking p;art in both of these. Questions from… Continue reading →

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide | Blogmas

20th December ‘ When you stop believing in Santa you get underwear!’ Christmas is time for gifts, yet also the busiest time of year. I am forever forgetting at least one gift for someone, which is why I have created… Continue reading →

Best & Worst Christmas Jumpers | Blogmas

19th December ‘There’s something about a Christmas sweater that will always make me laugh’ I have seen all sort of Christmas jumpers ranging from character ones to simple patterned ones. I have round up my favourite and least favourites from… Continue reading →

Ways To Make An Outfit Christmassy | Blogmas

18th December ‘Santa saw your Instagram pictures, you’re getting clothes’ Buying Christmas jumpers was so last year! With these tips, you can save money, and spruce up an old outfit to fit the Christmas time of year. Tinsel, Tinsel and… Continue reading →

Favourite Winter Lip Colours | Blogmas

17th December ‘All I want for Christmas is you, just kidding buy me makeup’ I feel no makeup look is complete with a lipstick, even just a nude one. I love winter lip colours, they are by far my favourite… Continue reading →

Favourite Blogmas | Blogmas

16th December ‘Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart’ I have seen so many people work hard this year for their amazing blogmas content. I have created a list of my favourite, feel free to take… Continue reading →

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