Cleaning Makeup Brushes

The most tedious activity when it comes to makeup. Cleaning those brushes! Something no-one likes doing, but it has to be completed. I have finally got round to doing mine, something I promised I would do about two weeks ago! I am forever putting it off, anyone else?
Seeing as I have just cleaned mine, I thought I would share with you how I like to do this, as well as the things I use.

You Will Need

  • Dirty Brushes (I had a lot more than I thought!)
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Brush Egg
  • Warm Water
  • Music in the background
  • A lot of patience

Before you start

Put on one of your favourites, most motivational, music playlists – make sure it’s a long one! Turn that up, to a loud enough volume that you can hear it from the room you are going to be in.

Setting Up

Pick up all of your dirty makeup brushes – Yes! Even those ones you have used only once! You are washing your other ones, so you may as well do them all at once. Grab your brush cleaner – Personally, my favourite is the Tesco Baby Shampoo. I have also got this little Brush Egg, I have had this for the longest time. I think I actually purchased it from eBay for about £2!


Let’s get too it

I like to use the shower as my water source, but if you find it easier you could use a tap. I like to have the shower head on the floor, so I can just put the brushes straight under when I need to. I feel when I do this, the power of the water can get right into the end of the brushes, helping me to remove any product that is caught in the middle of the brush.

You first want to get the bristles wet, so dip them under the running water. I then like to put the soap directly onto the brush, I just feel like I can get into the bristles deeper by doing this (I prefer to put the soap onto my hand when the brush is dirty with powder, then onto the brush with a cream product). You then want to swirl the brush around, either on your hand or the rubber cleaner you have. You will see the makeup and soap coming out of the brush itself, which too me, is pretty satisfying? You then want to rinse the brush under the water again, I like to squeeze the bristles a little as well, to make sure the product is really out of there. If, when I squeeze it the water is running out a little dirty I will then go back in with the soap and go through the motions again, till I feel it is clean.

Once I have done this I then place the brush onto a towel, led down onto the floor. Try to avoid keeping the brushes stood up when they are drying. The water can break down the glue causing the brushes to start shedding.
When I am drying them I lie to just leave them on a window ledge, or the kitchen side – somewhere there is a lot of air flow. I always feel like my brushes take so long to dry though – some of them take almost 2 days! The one thing I like about this, is I don’t have a choice but to use the other brushes in my collection – so I can swap them up a little more.

That’s literally it, it’s so easy but so boring! What do you use when cleaning your makeup brushes? Also, do you have any tips on drying them? Jade

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