Collection Lasting Perfection VS. Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define

The two most hyped drugstore concealers in the beauty blogging world, which is the best?


Collection Lasting Perfection retails for £4.19
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define retails for £4.00

The price for these is very similar, for someone who is looking for a budget concealer I would recommend them both on their price point.

Colour Range

Collection Lasting Perfection has just 5 shades. (There was three until very recently)
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define has 18 shades, all released at the same time.

Based the colour selection Makeup Revolution is about 13 steps ahead of Collection! Their whole range came out all at once, meaning people with all skin colours know exactly where to look. Collection has added an extra two shades, but even with those, people with darker skin have no hope of finding a colour that suits them.


Collection Lasting Perfection is available in store at Superdrug and Boots. Almost every time I have been all colours are in stock.
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define is in stores at Superdrug only. The only time I have found a shade close to my skin tone is once because they are out of stock most of the time.

Of course, both of these products are available to purchase online, across multiple sites. The difference between the availability of the two? The Makeup Revolution is almost always out of stock! I am putting this down to the fact that it is a new product. Even still, based on the availability alone, the Collection wins.


Collection Lasting Perfection is packaged in a simple plastic tube, with a black plastic lid. The shade name is on the top of the lid, which makes it super easy to choose the correct one for you.
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define is packaged in a thicker plastic tube, with a tube inside of that containing the product. The shade name is on the bottom of the tube, and the lid is rose gold.

The Makeup Revolution packaging makes it look like there is a lot more product inside, which means you feel you are getting better value for money. The plastic on this is also made to a much higher standard. Overall, I feel the Collection concealer looks a lot less luxurious.

Amount Of Product

Collection Lasting Perfection has a total of 6.5ml.
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define has 3.4ml in total.

Based on the amount of product the Collection concealer is much better value for money. Looking at the bottles I thought they were both around the same amount, but the Collection has almost double the amount! For that reason, I prefer the Collection Lasting Perfection.


Collection Lasting Perfection has a smaller doe foot applicator, which makes me think it is aimed at the blemishes on your face, rather than the under eye area.
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define has a much larger applicator. This is due to the fact the makes of this concealer has aimed it towards the under eye area, as well as being able to contour and highlight with this.

Both have virtually the same application process. Apply directly to the skin using the applicator, then blend with either your fingers or a brush. I can’t decide a winner for this one because they are both virtually identical.


Collection Lasting Perfection will not completely cover the undereye area, yet it will do the best it can. I prefer to use this for the blemishes on my skin, this covers these much better.

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define is better at covering the under eye area than the skin blemishes. I feel like the thicker consistency of this makes it harder to apply on the skin.


Dependant on what you are looking to cover depends on the concealer I would recommend. I feel they both work better together than alone though.


Collection Lasting Perfection was a rather thick consistency, I fell now they have the two newer shades they have changed it slightly. The lightest of them all seems to be a lot thinner than the previous ones I have tried.
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define
 has a rather thick consistency. Which seems to be rather consistent throughout, from videos I have watched.

I like to purchase a product knowing what I am getting when it comes to concealer. Based on this, the Makeup Revolution one is a winner for me because the consistency isn’t changing dependant on the shade.


Collection Lasting Perfection is something I need to set with a loose powder, a pressed powder just won’t do it for me. I used a translucent powder with this and the concealer oxidised really bad, going orange under the eye area.
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define can be set with a pressed or translucent powder, which is a lot easier when you are in a rush, a sweep of pressed powder and you’re ready to go.

When applying powder over my concealer, I am looking for something that I can trust is going to look good all day. Becuase the Collection concealer oxidises with certain powders, I much prefer using the Makeup Revolution one.


Collection Lasting Perfection will wear all day, with the right powder. If the incorrect powder has been applied, then this will crease under the eye area. Over blemishes it works really well though, staying for the majority of the day.
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define wears for the majority of the day under the eye area. There is very minimal creasing under the eye area after being set with a powder.

I feel like they both excel at different things. So depending on where you would like to apply this would depend on which one is the best. Based on this, I can’t decide which is the overall best. I love them both for different reasons! The Collection Lasting Perfection will always be a cult favourite in the beauty world, yet the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define is very new to the scene. I feel the two of these will always be very closely paired together, with them both being a similar price and product.

Which do you prefer? Thanks for reading,


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