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16th December

‘Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart’

I have seen so many people work hard this year for their amazing blogmas content. I have created a list of my favourite, feel free to take a read!

CovetLuxe – Lily has really gone all in with her blogmas photos, all of a sudden her photos have got amazing – even more than they were before! each post I have read of hers I have enjoyed so much, especially her Gift Guides! Every single one is perfect for the people they are aimed at, with loads of unique and different ideas I would never have thought of! She has been so imaginative and creative while creating them. Not only is her Blogmas content amazing all of her other posts are great also! She posts mainly about Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle. All of her posts are so beautifully designed, you can really see the effort and time it has taken to create them all.

BeffShuff – Beth as always managed to grab me into her post with just the first word. Each of her posts are laid out in such a simple yet effective way, with photos to be extremely envious of and writing straight to the point. She doesn’t waffle about anything out of topic, her posts are each to the point and simply written. She sometimes embeds a tutorial within her posts, which are just amazing – There is something about watching people do their makeup that I am in complete awe of, if her beauty doesn’t do it then her videos will.

AccordingToAlice – She is the most creative person I know with her header images, she is forever changing them with a newer cuter design. She has always got new ideas and props to use! I honestly don’t know how she manages to find the cutest of things when shopping, I struggle with blogging props all the time, yet she manages to pick them up! Her photos are always so relevant to the post, as well as being creative in the way she sets them up. Each new makeup look she creates becomes my new favourite of hers, I honestly love each and every one she creates more and more.

BrookeClarke – Firstly I want to say how amazing her blog is in general, and how proud I am of her for growing so much within the past few months! She has put in so much of her time and energy into her blog, creating content that is not only relevant but looks beautiful. All of her makeup looks are insanely beautiful and completely different to anything I have seen before. Not only does she post about makeup, she also writes about fashion and her health journey. Her site is one of those that as soon as you are on it, you can’t seem to get off it! (I did exactly the same when writing this post, just went on there to get the link and ended up spending over 20 minutes on there!)

That’s it, My favourite people who are taking part in Blogmas this year! If you’re taking part then let me know in the comments, I might do a round up of my all time favourite posts towards the end of the month – so make sure you’re following for that! Jade xo


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