Find The Best Contour Product For You

Let’s talk about contouring. It’s something I have fallen in love with since I tried it, there are so many different products out there for just the one use, I thought I would break down my thoughts on Cream and Powder ones. So it’s easier for you to decide which is better for you personally.


Cream – You can apply this both before and after foundation. This depends on how natural you want it to look. I feel it’s more natural when it’s under foundation, but more detailed when applied on top.

Powder – This can only be applied after foundation. You can’t apply a cream product on top of a powder product, because of the way they react to each other. When using a powder, it’s a lot easier to get your cheeks looking super sculpted, yet a lot less natural looking.


Cream – You can blend this with a sponge or a dense brush whichever ever you feel more comfortable with. I normally use a sponge if it’s under foundation, and a brush if it’s over foundation.

Powder – Can only be blended with a brush, I tried using a sponge for the purpose of this post. It does work, you can apply it with a sponge, but don’t try to blend it out! It ended pretty bad.

Skin Type:

Cream – This is better for people with dry skin because it doesn’t cling to dry patches. It also gives your skin a little more hydration.

Powder – This is better for people with oily skin because it can tame down the oil a little, being in powder form.


Cream – I feel this is easier to customise because you can get a different variety of products. You could use concealer, foundation or the typical contour sticks, as a contour shade. You can also mix colours together to create the perfect shade for you.

Powder – Although the powder comes in different shades, there is no way of changing the colour that is in the pan. Once you have the powder, that’s the colour that’s going on your face.

What are your favourite products to contour with? Thanks for reading,

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