4th December

‘Men can do Christmas shopping for 25 people on Christmas Eve in 25 minutes’

Why is it that men can shop really quickly, yet it takes us girls a few weeks to just plan the gifts? Here are my top picks of gift for the men in your lives:

  • Photo Album: I feel making something always means more than purchasing something
  • Alcohol: What man wouldn’t love some beers?
  • Clothing Voucher: Men can be as fussy with clothes as women, so a voucher is always a safe bet!
  • Car Wash Set: As much as men love their children, they love their car a little more and love keeping it clean.
  • Grooming Kit: Males care about their appearance almost as much as women nowadays, a grooming kit is something they wouldn’t buy themselves but will probably use more than they think.
  • Skincare Set: Again, this isn’t something men would buy for themselves, but when someone else buys it for them they will use it all the time.
  • Beer Glass: To go with the beer I previously mentioned the beer glass can accompany that. It could even be a gift on its own, there are loads of places to get personalised ones.
  • Hair Clippers: Is it just my boyfriend who keeps his hair clippers after having them for too long?! Something you can do for them is to get them a new one, to replace that one and to possible same some money on the barber trips they seem to make every week!
  • Car Smellies: Again, with their love of their car! Some sort of car freshener is always a hit with men.
  • Movie / TV Series Box Set: Men love a good TV binge as much as us women. A box set is always a good gift for men, even if it is movies they haven’t seen before. You could pleasantly surprise them!
  • Home Gym Kit: This doesn’t have to be a completely renovated room, but even just a few weights could do the trick. It could also help the relationship as you could try and work out together, or even use it as an excuse to see him more instead him being at the gym!
  • Protein Voucher: Staying on the workout theme, there is so many websites and shops that sell all different protein products – There is so many I don’t even know what most of them do! It’s always best to get a voucher for things like this, I feel, because of the number of products and how each thing is tailored to each different person’s needs.
  • PlayStation / XBox Games: It doesn’t matter how old they get, their guilty pleasure will always be their games! It’s like us with makeup, they will never have enough games so a new game will always be a safe option.
  • Controllers: With their new game they’re going to need a new controller because you can’t play a new game alone – right!?
  • Controller Case: When they have their friends round they won’t know which controller is which, so purchasing them a case to go with it can be a nice touch. There are so many different designs out there, and you can even personalise them.
  • Phone Case: Again, the same with a phone. There is a case out there for every single person, with anything you could ever want on it from photos you have taken to a lego board. I can guarantee you will find the perfect phone case for him.
  • Day Trip: Showing someone you want to spend time with them can sometimes mean more than a gift. Giving someone a voucher for a day trip can be a good gift, because you can book it together and you’ve got something to look forward too, together.
  • Coaster: If it’s only something small you are after a coaster can be so diverse. There will always be something out there for him, whether it be a nice little pattern or a character from one of his favourite movies.

What gifts have you purchased for the men in your life? Jade xo