6th December

‘Some people are worth melting for.’

I feel like Christmas is the time of year for Children, it makes it that much more magical! But, they are also the hardest people to buy for, with them having an excessive amount of toys – is there anything these children don’t have? Which is why I have compiled a list of gift ideas for the children:

  • Colouring Set: I feel like kids of all ages enjoy getting arty with some colouring pens. Even if they just have some scrap paper they can always manage to keep themselves occupied.
  • Colouring Book: To accompany the colouring pens a colouring book can also give a child hours of entertainment. There are colouring books tailored for girls, boys, adults even!
  • Arts and Craft Set: For the children who enjoy getting a little messier and more creative, a gift of an art set can be great fun for them. With all different ones out there from just glue and a few pom poms and pipe cleaner, to a whole set to create a specific object. There is something for kids of all ages.
  • Wall Stickers: These are becoming a lot more popular recently. Both of my little sisters have them, and they really enjoyed putting them on the wall and deciding where they wanted each one. It’s something so small, yet the children love them, it also helps to personalise their bedrooms a little more.
  • Kids Makeup: For all of the little girls out there who love to watch YouTube, my sisters included, they now actually have sets of makeup designed especially for children. Glittery eyeshadows and lipsticks are included, along with a few little brushes – The pound shop do amazing makeup brushes or the kids!
  • Lego: I feel like no matter how old you are, if you are gifted with Lego you are going to enjoy it and make lots of cool things with it. There is now special character Lego including their own Lego Friends, Star Wars and loads more.
  • Teddies: All children love a new teddy that they can place on their bed, and cuddle at night. The TY Teddies are a good place to start with animals of all sizes, there is something for each child.
  • Dolly and Dolly Stuff: For the slightly older ones who have a younger sibling, they like to try and help their parents with the duties of looking after their sibling. By purchasing them a dolly for themselves they can carry out all of the parently roles with their own dolly.
  • Hair Stuff: For the children who don’t enjoy makeup, there are always sets of different hair bands and clips for them to try out, whether it be on themselves their siblings or parents.
  • Educational Books: For the slightly older ones, who have already started school and nursery there are educational books, designed for specific ages. They enjoy learning new things while they’re at school, so why not bring the learning home for them?
  • Reading Books: A lot of children enjoy reading even when they are just learning. They do a lot of it at school and are usually set some reading for homework. If they’re one that enjoys the reading you could purchase them some books, possibly at a higher level, for them to practice within their own time.
  • Bedding: Another way for the kids to personalise their room a little more is to get them some bedding. I feel like when a kid enjoyed watching a TV show they want EVERYTHING with the characters on it. Adding character bedding gives the room a childish feel, but doesn’t make it feel over decorated.
  • Pillows: Again, with the characters of their favourite TV show! There are pillows with all different characters on it, you just need to find out their favourite character.
  • DVD: Or, instead of getting them just character based items, just purchase them the actual DVD of a series. There is so many different series of children’s programmes, even if they have the same one already they can have one in the living room and one in a different room.

Do you have any children in the family? If so, what have you gifted them with? Jade xo