7th December

‘Christmas is the day that holds everything together.’

Every year when I ask my grandparents what they want they always come up with the same answer ‘nothing, treat yourself instead’ but I suppose they don’t realise that as my grandparent they deserve a gift.

I don’t ever know what to get them, so I have completed a small list of things your grandparents might enjoy if you’re struggling with what to get them.

  • Personalised Glass: It’s something small but thoughtful, then every time they use the glass they can think of the person who purchased it for them.
  • Coasters: I feel like most grandparents are the people who use coasters and placemats more than people of our generation. So gifting them with a new set of placemats or coasters is something they will get a lot of use out of.
  • Mini Garden: This is something I haven’t actually seen but something I have found online. There are loads of different pots to put them in, you can personalise them or write on there what the plants are inside. There are loads of different little designs for them, they can be kept inside or outside. I feel like the older generation really enjoys growing their own herbs and plants, so this is a little gift for them to have a lot of fun with.
  • Seeds: To go with this mini garden you could get them packs of different seeds, I don’t know how long seeds last before you can plant them, but it’s a little something they can use all year round.
  • Books: People of the older generation love reading because they don’t necessarily know how to use the television as much as we do, which is why gifting them with new books is a good idea. If you find out what sort of books they enjoy reading, I am sure there is at least one out there that they haven’t read.
  • iPad Survival Guide: To go with what I just said, they don’t know how to use technology like we do! So if they have an iPad or some form of a tablet, a survival guide can be a good option! It saves them phoning you up every other day to ask you how to do something!
  • Baking Recipe Book: Even if they don’t enjoy baking, this could be the start of a new hobby for them – Or an excuse for you to ‘try’ their new baking skills out and eating all of their finished goodies.
  • Measuring Cups: If cooking or baking is something they enjoy then measuring cups or spoons is something small to purchase them.
  • Photo Of The Family: Grandparents love showing off their family to other people who are invited to their house, and it’s always a lovely way for them to look back on the past. It’s also a nice thing for them to put in their home and make it a little more personalised.
  • Photoshoot: If a picture of the family isn’t something you have, you could always book a photo shoot for the whole family. They can then pick which photo they like the best to purchase and frame.

What do your grandparents enjoy doing? Jade xo