8th December

‘A pet is for life, not just for Christmas’

For those people who don’t have children, or for those who do, a pet is part of the family and deserves to be treated at Christmas time as well. I love my little kitten and purchased her advent calendar before my own and my boyfriends!

I have collected a few little things that you can gift your little furry children for Christmas.

  • Pet Stocking: They have ones for cats and dogs now filled with treats, food and toys.
  • Box of Treats: With the animals behaving well the treats seem to go down a lot quicker than I would have thought, so instead of getting them within your weekly shop you can gift it to them!
  • Toys: A pet can never have enough toys.
  • Bed: You remember that bed you saw a while ago, and put off buying? That’s the best Christmas gift for them because they need it and it’s a lovely gift for them.
  • Scratch Post: I don’t know about your cats but mine loves to scratch the new sofas! With a new scratch post, I am hoping this will help to eliminate that.
  • Lead: Taking a dog for a walk can be all fun and games, but without the correct lead it won’t take long for it to run free!
  • Collar: In case they get lost, or just to give them a little more of a personalised feel. A new collar might be a good idea, but only if they’re young or have had one on for a while, don’t try to introduce the collar as they get older, because they won’t like it!
  • Christmas Jumpers: This isn’t something I enjoy but a lot of animals enjoy wearing clothes, and they actually look pretty cute on Christmas jumpers!
  • Luxury Food: That food that is normally too expensive to purchase can be a nice little treat for them. As long as you only give it too them every now and then, because they could get used to the food and not want to eat their normal food!
  • Blanket: Cats and dogs love a cosy blanket, on their bed, on the sofa or in the car. You could get them a more designated blanket for them only, that they can play with and lie on.
  • Fur Brush: Something I haven’t thought of until now, but I am sure both cats and dogs would love their fur brushed through every now and then, just like use with people playing with our hair.
  • Grooming Kit: These have all of the things you don’t need but it’s nice to give them; Nail clippers, fur shampoo, flea stuff.
  • Grooming Session: Instead of giving them something you could take them down to a local dog groomer and get their fur cut and washed without the mess and hassle of you doing it in your own home.

Do you purchase Christmas presents for your pets? Jade xo