5th December

‘Anyone that believes men are equal to women has never seen a man wrap a present’

I always feel buying present for women so much harder than buying them for men, because when I buy the products I don’t want to wrap them I want to keep them. Anyone else?!

I have created a list of ideas of gifts for the women in our lives (and possible for ourselves while shopping)

  • Makeup Brush Set: This is something that any makeup lover will love, as any blogger can tell you ‘ you can never have too many makeup brushes’. It not only helps with your makeup application, but it saves you having to wash them all of the time because you can just a different one! Also, these don’t always have to be expensive, some of my best makeup brushes are the cheapest ones I have found on Amazon.
  • Makeup Kit: Whether it be Contouring, Lipsticks or Eyeshadows there are different kits for anything. These can be good for anyone who wants to start playing with makeup more, or for those who use the same makeup every day.
  • Hair Tools: For someone special to you, and enjoys doing their hair a new tool could be a good gift idea. With new straighteners and curlers out all of the time, you can never be up-to-date with them! Also, styles are changing on the daily now, so when straight hair was in fashion people removed their curlers, which is now in style!
  • Book Set: Personally, I would be so happy if someone gifted me with a new set of books, I love sitting down with a tea and reading a new book. It could be something overhyped, or even just a random series you have seen. I am sure she will enjoy it because there is no better feeling than being completely engrossed in a book.
  • Movie / TV Box Set: Just as I said yesterday woman love binge-watching the television. A box set will always be an easy option for a girl either movies or TV series.
  • Pamper Box: When having a pamper evening it is always nice to know that someone else has given you the gifts, even if it is only a nice smelling body lotion and a bath bomb. A Girl will always be happy with something that she can use to look after herself with.
  • Clothing Voucher: If someone gets a girl the wrong size, you may never speak to her again! When looking for clothes a voucher is always the safest option, because what if it doesn’t fit or she doesn’t like it? Personally, I find that when other people buy me clothes I like them more, but that isn’t always the case.
  • Teddy: The easiest way to a girls heart is a teddy.
  • Stationary Set: Personally, as a blogger, you can never be too organised. If that means bright coloured pens and pencils then so be it. A lot of girls love being colourful in their notes, and journals, meaning a stationary set is a good gift for the women. It doesn’t always have to be fancy and colourful though, there could be a nice biro pen set or a cute pencil set.
  • Phone Case: As previously mentioned there is a phone case out there for everyone. Most girls love a little personal touch it, so why not try and add a photo or initials?
  • Candle: Most girls love having a candle lit at all times, yes, that means in the summer too! It’s the scent we do it for. There is so many out there, so you could look at one she has already got, or you could try and find her a new one, either way, I am sure she would appreciate a candle.
  • Box Of Chocolates: Even if she claims not to be a chocolate person, I can guarantee she would love it! All women enjoy a little guilt-free chocolate every now and then, so it won’t go untouched – I promise!

What have you purchased for the women in your life? Jade xo