22nd December

‘ Tis the season to be giving. ‘

Christmas time is all about loving and sharing with the people around you. Thinking not only of the people we love but the people in need at this time of year. It can be a very hard time for some people, which is why I have found some ways to help others out this Christmas!

  • Shoe Box. This is something I have done before, back when I was in school. There are loads of different charities that do this sort of thing, the one I have chosen to talk about today is the Samaritans. This is the most simple and cost-effective way for you to do something for someone else this year. You recycle one of your old shoe boxes, you could wrap it in Christmas paper to make it look a little more exciting! You then add little gifts in there, whatever you feel is perfect. you could ass little teddies, some things you have lying around the house that no longer get the love they once did, toothbrushes, cleaning products – honestly anything! There is then a little voluntary donation, I would recommend around £5-£10 for the shipping and carriage costs, but again, this is optional. You then pop online to print out your own unique barcode. You then drop-off at a local pick up point for them to collect.
  • Help The Homeless. There are homeless shelters around everywhere, if donating isn’t something you are happy to do then you could always volunteer to help. There are always people in need of help, whether you are just there for a little bit of company, or cooking the food. There are people out there who might not have any family during the Christmas time and would love someone to speak too.
  • Volunteering At A Care Home. These are full of people who might have lost their loved ones and might feel a lot more lonely at Christmas time than any other time of year. With the help of someone like yourself you could help to cheer them up. You could help by tidying, cooking, playing games with them. It’s always the little things that mean the most.
  • In supermarkets, there are a lot of donation baskets, that you are probably sick of seeing. But if you have purchased something that you don’t necessarily need then this is the perfect chance for you to do something for the people in need, or if it’s a bogof offer and you only need the one. You just put the item in the donation basket, and that’s all. You have helped someone out this Christmas without even thinking about it.
  • Charity Shop Work. Christmas is the busiest time of year for everyone, even the people who work in a Charity shop! With more customers going into their store they are going to need more work. This is the best way to help out your desired charity while possible making new friends. You can help out just a couple of hours a week or even fill most of your free time with it. Just a little helping hand to these charity shops can go a long way.
  • If your local town has a library you could off to help out a little over the Christmas period. Whether you are at work or school I am sure there are a few hours of your week to spare.
  • Even if you don’t want to help out the community or charities just offering to help a family member is a way of helping people out. If they want to go shopping and have younger children you could offer to take the children for a few hours, you could drive people who don’t drive, you could give them some money to treat themselves to a coffee, you could offer to tidy for them if they are busy at this time of year. Again, it’s always the little things that mean the most.
  • While queuing to pay for something, if you have a little extra cash on you-you could offer to pay for the person behind you. I am not expecting you to pay for a person’s full Christmas shop, but a little coffee purchase might not go amiss. I mean, if you purchase the size smaller than you normally get when you are sure to have enough for someone else. It doesn’t even have to be a stranger, you could do it for a friend.

How do you help others at Christmas? Jade xo


images are taken from google