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When doing a complete makeup look I like to create a flawless base. I like to do this by first colour correcting, before applying anything. I know, as well as you, that colour correcting can be pretty confusing! This post is going to break down each colour and what they are used for.

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This is the colour it took me the longest to understand. Why would anyone want to put some yellow cream on their face? Now I understand. Yellow is opposite to the colour purple on the colour wheel.
I like to use this on top of the moles that I have on my face. I feel this gives them a little extra coverage before I apply a concealer over the top.
This can also be used under the eyes, as the yellow will cancel out any of the blue tones that are there with dark circles.

Before & After Colour Correction


I feel like this is the colour that most people know about. Green is the opposite colour of red, meaning you use this to cover any redness you have on your face.
I usually take a little on my cheeks and apply a little more around my nose, as I get a lot of redness there.
It can also be used to cover up any spots and blemishes that are red in colour.


The colour I definitely use the least.  have a very pale skin tone and the orange stands out when I use this on my skin tone. It can be used under the eyes to cancel any purple/blue that you may get within the dark circles.
Some people, with darker skin than mine, can use this colour to add a little extra radiance to their face.


The last one, I promise!
Purple can be used to conceal any yellow tones on the skin.
Mostly, I use it to brighten certain areas of my skin, mostly under the eye area. Just underneath the dark circles though as it can sometimes make the dark circles appear a little darker.

The palette I have featured in this post is the MUA Pro Base Prime & Conceal Palette, which is just £4.00! I feel this is the perfect starter palette, for those people who don’t know much about colour correcting – me! Jade

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