Make Your Lips Look Bigger | How To

Thank-you Kylie Jenner for making big lips a trend.
The size of my lips is something I have always been a little insecure about. I feel they are too small for my liking. Thanks to the power of makeup I have managed to learn a few small tricks to help make them look a little bigger!


Before I apply any product to my lips I will grab myself a wet wipe and scrub my lips. This will remove any product that has accidentally gone onto the lips, as well as helping to rid of the dry skin on them. Dry, chapped lips are something many of us struggle with on a daily basis, myself included!
The reason for removing the dry skin is pure because the dry skin will make your lips look wrinkly. In effect, making them look a lot smaller.

Not only does this remove the dry skin but it also helps the blood flow to the lips. Creating the movement of the blood vessels, meaning more blood will get to the lips quicker. Making them ever so slightly more plump for a while.

Contour & Highlight.

I try not to do this on a regular basis, only on the days I would like my lips to really pop. I much prefer using a cream contour stick for this because it looks a lot more natural.
I like to apply the darker contouring colour to both corners of my lips, as well as just under the middle of the bottom lip. The lighter colour can then go in the centre of the top lip, making it a look a lot poutier.


Using a little bronzer, or contouring powder, apply it to the little indent below your bottom. This will give the illusion the lip is casting a shadow onto your chin, something people with larger lips are blessed with.

Over Line.

Lip liner will now be your best friend! Use a shade or two darker than the lipstick colour. Apply this to the outside of your lips, as well as drawing one line down the centre of your bottom lip. This will slightly contour the lips, as well as creating a slight ‘crease’ on the bottom lip.


Apply the lipstick on top of the lip liner, ensuring you can still see the darker outline of the lips. The line down the centre of your lips shouldn’t be visible as such, but the darkness will slightly show through.

By using these few simple steps you can make your lips look much bigger, without the need for the lip fillers. As much as I would love to get them, I feel for now this is working perfectly.
Have you got any other tips, or have you used these before? Thanks for reading,

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