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Let’s talk Winged Liner. It’s something I have struggled to perfect since I first ever started using it. I have used pens, gels and liquid liners to try teaching myself. I feel like I have finally managed to find a way that works for me! Miracle, I know! Now, before I start I would like to say this is NOT the perfect way to do winged liner, because, there isn’t a right way, Each person does theirs differently, using different products and techniques, this is just how I do mine. Also, I am not telling you this is going to create you a perfect wing every time because it doesn’t, I am forever going back in to change and correct them as I go.

I have seen many people use tape to create a perfectly straight line, personally, I haven’t found this works well for me at all. Okay, the outside line is perfect, but that isn’t the line I struggle with. I use a wipe when creating the sharp edge. So, if using tape has worked for you, I recommend you try this method!

The Preparation

Let’s start right at the beginning. When applying my makeup I start with my eyes,  I have always done this, because of eyeshadow fall out, and of course, winged liner! If I do my face makeup first there is no room for errors when applying liner, so I like to apply this first so I can go wrong. There is more pressure when you can’t go wrong, and I’m more likely to go wrong – annoying, I know! So I start with my eye makeup, to ensure if things go wrong I can correct them!

First things first, I apply my eyeshadow to my lid and crease. I always blend it outwards a little too much. I then go in with a makeup wipe to create a sharp line, for the winged liner.

The Liner

The first thing I do with my liner is to apply a thin line across the lash line. I try to make this as thin as possible because it’s easier to make it thicker than it is to make it thinner. So I like to try making this as thin as possible, and just take it to the edge of my eye.

I then draw the line along the cleaned up shadow. I try to make this go a little over the line because I like to use the wipe to create the wing super sharp. Once I feel the line is the same on both side, and the wipe has created the wing sharp enough, I then draw another line to create a triangle. I always fill this in straight away, because I find it really hard to judge when they are just lines.

I then go back in with my makeup wipe to ensure both lines are the same length, width and size. If I feel one is longer, I will go into the shorter one and add some more to the ends of the liner. If I feel it is too thick, I try to thicken the thinner one. When they look uneven, but can’t figure out why. Black eyeshadow is my savour, adding a little to the outer corner, blended into the liner. You won’t be able too stell they look different. Liner hack right there!


Personally, I find liquid liner the easiest for this. As much as I love using gel liner, I find it dries too quickly for me to actually apply and perfect it.

I then go in to complete the rest of my makeup.

How do you make your winged liner look perfect? Thanks for reading,

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