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28th December

‘ The best gift comes from the heart, not from the store. ‘

This post is something I have seen more than once since Christmas Day! I feel like it’s a little bit similar to haul, but instead if purchasing the items someone else has purchased them for you. Every single one I have read I have really enjoyed, which has given me the inspiration to create my own.

The first gift I opened was from one of my Blogger Babes, I actually opened this on the 23rd of December. I was desperately trying so hard to wait, just that one extra day, until Christmas Eve, having received the package at the beginning of December it was proving to be hard to wait. So, I caved and opened it just the day before I had planned. This package consisted of a card, which had the cutest little message inside. There was also The Body Shop set of three items, including a Hand Cream, Body Butter and Bubble Bath. Each of these was in the scent Frosted Berries, something I had not smelt before – It has now become my favourite! I love sweet and fruity scents, mixing them both together to create the perfect winter scent, I know I am sold! the other thing that was wrapped separately inside this, which was the item making the package as heavy as it was, was the Blogosphere Magazine! I have never owned one of these before, yet have always wanted one! I had a quick flick through and I feel like I am going to get a lot of tips and inspiration from this, so I am excited to read a little more into this – I might even end up being a long-term customer!

Three matching canvases for the house.

This one I have positioned on the left.

This is the one I chose for the right side.

I chose this for the middle because it is my favourite!

This little kitty mug is the third in my little ‘kitty mug’ collection.

How cute is this!?

The perfect mug for my morning cuppa.

After seeing the new movie, I am now a fan of Star Wars.

Giraffes have always been my favourite animal.


My first ever Snow Fairy products, which I am excited to use.

All of the little beauty things I got from various people.

This is my all time favourite body wash. ever.

Another few little beauty things I received.

I have never tried the Flutter brand before so am excited about this. Plus, who doesn’t love a body scrub?

I love all of the sweet scents from these.

Literally, the cutest thing I have ever seen.

So glad someone else has the patience for this, I don’t think I would.

I have been looking for something like this for the table since we moved in.

Can you tell I love the Pusheen cat?!

I love a good wash bag.

Chocolate, the necessity of Christmas.

A chocolate hamper that was made for me, how thoughtful.

I haven’t tried the Tanya Burr set before this, but I am loving the Lip Gloss.


The top drawer of the set.

Just look at the palettes.

The second drawer.

The bottom drawer.

Limited edition brushes, yes, please!

Literally love these brands so much.

I am sure these are going to be part of my everyday routine.

Highlight is life.

There are most of the items I received for Christmas this year. What was your favourite present? Jade

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