Ideal Pamper Night

As soon as I step out of the shower, I remember how much I wanted to have a bath to pamper myself. I usually just jump in the shower, do what I need to do and get out. I have never been one of those people who can stand in the shower for almost an hour, a bath on the other hand. That’s a different story!

As easy as it is for me to have a shower, sometimes, I need to take a little ‘me time’. Here is a rundown of my perfect pamper evening.

It starts with a bottle of either rose or white wine, if anyone can tell me they are 100% relaxed without a glass of wine in their hand, I don’t believe you! I have a glass of wine in the one hand, while the other hand is putting a bath bomb under the running water. Personally, I love to have a bath so hot, that as soon as I step in my skin goes red! Not only is the steam great for lifting my mood, but I can sit in there for longer because it takes longer to get cold!

As well as having a bath bomb in the bath, I love to have some bubbles, so some bubble bath is poured into it.

Before stepping into the bath, I will choose the face mask of the evening. Peel-off ones have been a recent favourite of mine, because of how easy it is to remove.
I start by removing my makeup with my Makeup Eraser Towel (I purchased mine from Primark for around £2.00, and I am in love with it!) I then take a flat foundation brush to apply the mask to my skin.

When having a bath I love to have some music on in the background, actually, I just love to have music on whatever I am doing. For relaxing I like to find a playlist on Spotify, instead of having my normal music on. I enjoy finding new songs and playlists in the ‘Browse’ menu.
I would then pick up a good book, I am not currently reading any but I have a whole load of books on my bookshelf that I really want to read – when I find the time!

I would then probably sit in the bath until it goes cold, and the face mask has been on my face for double the time it is supposed to be, but what harm can it do?!

Once I have decided the bath is too cold for me to stay in I remove the face mask, get out of the bath, and most probably refill my glass of wine before I get myself into the comfiest of clothes pyjamas.
I raid the cupboards for my most favourite snack, a large bag of barbeque crisps and a bar of Galaxy cookie crumble sounds pretty good right now.

Taking my favourite blanket and pillow, I then take a seat in front of the television with one my guiltiest pleasures on there (The Only Way Is Essex) for a few hours.
Once I felt I had enough of the fake tans and Essex accent I would then scroll through my social media feeds, and comment on pictures and tweets.

After a lot longer than I had originally planned I would then get myself into bed with a mug of tea (and probably some biscuits) and sit in bed with my book, and carry on reading till I felt tired enough to fall asleep.

What would be your ideal pamper night? Jade

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