5 Steps to Nailing Your Next Interview

Starting a new job is something that ranks pretty high on my ‘scaredy-cat’ chart. Something higher than that? The interview. It can be one the most daunting experiences you could take part in. It makes my heart pulse, hands start to go a little clammy, and my breathing?! Those deep breaths I have been told about, I don’t even know what they are. Those tiny little short breaths that come when I’m nervous? That sounds more like it. I would like to share with you my tips, which eliminate those things from happening before an interview. I can’t promise that it is going to stop these problems, but I am sure they will be reduced. Plus, if you’re not nervous about the interview then you clearly don’t want the job as much as you think you do, or you’re just not normal!


I know that is the most stereotypical thing to say, but it’s stereotypical because it is such an important step to preparing yourself for the interview! If you do a little research not just about the job role, but the company itself you will feel a lot more prepared for the questions they could possibly ask. Reading and re-reading the job role will allow you to think about the things they are looking for in their new employee giving you the answers they are looking for! They will questions which are tailored to the job description. Once you know the answers you will fly through each question, surprising them with your answers every time. Having some background knowledge of the company you could possibly be working for will really help you with the interviewing process. It will show that you have taken time, out of your day, to give the new company a thought. It will also give you more of a nudge in the right direction when they are asking you questions, knowing what the company does and needs will help you to give the answers they are looking for.


The words you need to remember are ‘You can never be too overdressed for an interview’. The longer you have planned your outfit the better you’re going to come across. When you have thought out your outfit it really shows. The smarter you have dressed the more put together and organised you look. You can’t just throw on the clothes you wore yesterday, that you haven’t picked up from the floor yet, and chuck your hair into a messy ponytail. That just looks scruffy, they are already not thinking much of you (A person decided if they like you within the first 5 seconds of seeing you). So you need to remember that first impressions are key. When they see you dressed smart, and sat in a sophisticated way they are automatically impressed. This then gives you a better chance of getting the job.

Turn your phone off.

No. This is not the time for you to compromise and turn the phone onto silent. You must turn it off completely. you might have told your friends that you’ve got an interview but what about your family? It just takes one of them to forget what time the interview is for them to message/call you! They just want to see how said interview went, but if that phone isn’t turned off I think you will have some bad news to tell them. n guarantee the longest you will be in there is 1hour, I am sure you can turn it off for just one hour at the most! It’s that one small hour that can change the rest of your life if you let it.

Write it down.

I find writing things down makes me remember things so much easier. Write down some practice questions, as well as their answers. You could write some key points about the job role, in order for you to remember them. I got my partner to write down some questions for me as well, so I didn’t know what they said and I answered them there and then. After reading them just once, I had to give them an ‘interview worthy’ answer. This helps you to think on the spot, applying your answers to the specific job role.

Arrive Early.

Another way to show your potential employer that you’re the right person for the job. You should aim to arrive at the location 10 minutes early. I feel like 15 minutes is a little too early – Because yes! You can be too early for an interview. If you give yourself 10 minutes, then if you do have a little dilemma that takes up a couple of extra, unplanned, minutes then you’re still going to be early! You can have a few minutes to stand outside, rehearse your answers, take one last deep breath and check for the 100th time that your phone is definitely turned off before you take the step into that door. You’re then on your best behaviour until you have left the building.


5 Easy steps to really glide your way through your next interview is there! Jade

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