14th December

 ‘Dear Santa, I want it all’

Whatever holiday season it appears to be LUSH has got you covered, whether you are purchasing them as a gift or for yourself there is something out there for every single person.

Golden Pear Soap.

‘On the twelfth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
A jar of pear purée
Murumuru butter
Warming cardamom oil
Some agave syrup
Brazillian orange oil
Organic cocoa butter
A drop of almond oil
Five Golden things!
Sandalwood oil
Creamy coconut
A whole organic clove…
…Are all part of Golden Pear soap
This pear-fect little soap creates a luxurious lather on the skin. Pear purée and cardamom oil cover skin in a scent reminiscent of warm fruit desserts and spiced cakes while murumuru butter moisturises and softens skin. A classy addition to any Christmas bath or shower. Wrap in a knot wrap and hide in the tree’s branches for a sumptuously scented treat.’

Twilight Sparkle Bar, Shower Gel, Naked Shower Gel.

‘Not all that glitters is gold. Well, not just gold. Sometimes it’s lavender and tonka too.
Massage this dreamily scented cocoa butter bar over warm skin for heavenly hydration. Press something pointy into the dimples and shake out the glimmering powder to help you get sleepy. Ylang ylang brings sweet dreams and golden lustres add a bit of sparkle to your slumber party.’

Once Upon A Time Naked Body Lotion, Body Lotion.

‘Everyone is seeking their own happily ever after. For yours, all you need is this lotion. When you’ve washed off all your soapy suds and are feeling squeaky clean and have dried yourself off, stroke this buttery bar over your skin for apple-solutely divine moisture. Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and silky murumuru butter ensure soft skin while grapefruit, Sicilian lemon and lime oils enchant and brighten moods. Your very own fairytale ending is waiting for you.’

Butterbear Bath Bomb, Wash Card.

‘Father Christmas collects softening Fair Trade cocoa butter in his sleigh for his gentle polar pal. Pop him into the water to infuse your bath with a warm and creamy vanilla scent and dreamy softness for sublime skin. This comforting bear is also filled with fragrant cocoa powder and calming ylang-ylang to melt hearts young and old.’

Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb.

‘It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your Christmas jumpers and socks and jump into a steamy bath! After a busy day of shopping and carrying around all those presents, drop this hot and spicy bomb into the water for some fizzy-ho therapy. Sicilian lemon oil with mustard and ginger powders will ease muscles and warm you to your soul. Coriander seed and clove bud oils are sure to spice up your wife and hygge your husband!’

Christmas Lush Pud Bath Bomb.

‘When dinner is all over and everyone’s had their fill it’s time for pudding! With the flaming Christmas pudding, carefully decorated yule log or good old fashioned mince pies with cream, dessert is never a dull affair. But if you need something a little more chill, this is the pud for you. Although bright and vibrant, this bomb is packed full of calming lavender and warm tonka absolute. Let it dance in the water and release its rainbow of colours as the sleepy and comforting scent envelops you and whisks you off to dreamland. With ylang-ylang oil to lift your mood and warming benzoin resinoid to comfort, you’ll be dreaming of sugar plums in no time.’

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb, Soap.

‘Honey-scented sparkles of Brazilian orange and bergamot waltz with swirling, golden stars, creating a world of cobalt colour. As the calming blanket of shimmering, midnight blue unfolds, Brazilian orange and bergamot oils combine to send your mood rocketing up to the stars.’

The Snowman Bath Bomb.

‘A summer breeze blows away a winter storm,
find out what happens to solid bubble bath when it gets warm.
Winter’s a good time to stay in for cuddles,
so crumble into running water and soak in the bubbles.
The sky will be blue, Sicilian lemon oil too…
Just imagine how much smoother you’ll be in summer!
Sicilian lemon and lemon myrtle oils make bathtime Olaf as it lifts your spirits and whisks you back to summer days. Silky cocoa and Fair Trade shea butter keep your skin smooth and moisturised as soya milk powder softens the water. Banish the winter weather and float away on summer scented clouds.’

Thundersnow Bath Bomb.

‘When your world is feeling stormy and you can’t take the pressure, chill out with a peppermint and cocoa absolute weather bomb. Relax in the eye of the storm and listen to the thunder rumbling until it all blows over and the waters settle. The forecast looks clear and breezy.’

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar.

‘… and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, they were all in the bath.
The stockings were hung by the bathtub with care,
The feet they belonged to soapy and bare.
The bubbles piled high smelt lovely and bright,
Uplifting ylang ylang put moods just right.
Jasmine was floral and gently alluring,
This Christmas was sure to never be boring.’

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, Giant Bath Bomb.

‘Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes in all its exquisite, sweet orange and lime oil glory. Dickens might not have been on about the surprise parcel of lustre and cognac oil that’s ready to unfurl and create bathtime splendour, but he’d have been just as thrilled by it.’

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar.

‘Give yourself the best kind of sugar rush with this sweet treat. Crumble this pink and white helter-skelter under running water to create sugar-frosted peaks that will leave you smelling sweet all day. Vanilla warms and comforts while you bask in blush coloured waters.’

Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar.

‘Wave a magic wand over bath time. Snow fairies of all ages will love swishing this candy sweet magic wand around the bath to turn the water pink and create clouds of candy floss bubbles. Save some for next time (and even the time after) by popping your reusable wand on the side to dry out. Don’t forget to make a wish!’

Plum Snow Bubble Bar.

‘Tell Jack Frost to get lost and leave your nose alone. This joyfully juicy bubble bar will have you dancing in a blizzard of fruity foam. Crumble under running water to whip up a flurry of plum and Sicilian mandarin scented bubbles and let them whisk your worries away. As you bathe, a hint of osmanthus catches on the breeze with a tantalising promise of spring.
Let it plum snow, let it plum snow, let it plum snow.’

Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb.

‘These aren’t ingredients for anybody else except for yourself. Lime and sweet wild orange oils are fresh and peachy on the nose, exciting the senses and shaking up your mood. There’s no time for apathy in the bath, so this anarchic bath bomb fizzes and rolls and spews colour with no holds barred energy. Fair Trade cocoa butter melts alongside fresh bananas to soften both the water and your skin. God save the clean; this deserves a replay.’

Sherbert Dip Bath Bomb.

‘If life gives you lemons, pop ’em in the bath. Take a dip in an uplifting mix of sunny citrus oils and let refreshing lime waters take you back to sweet summer days and hot summer nights. With energising grapefruit oil and cleansing Sicilian lemon oil, this fizz is the biz.’

The Magic Of  Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar.

‘Stir up a whole lot of Christmas magic with this warming cinnamon stick. It’s packed with more punchy cinnamon leaf than you could shake a stick at, and Fair Trade Organic clove to stimulate the skin and boost circulation. Treat Grinch-like moments by holding this spicy bubble wand under running water and slipping into a blanket of hot, almond bubbles.’

Santa Belly Shower Jelly.

‘Santa’s chomped his way through a sledge-load of tasty fireplace treats and now he’s full of fresh apple juice! Shake his belly like a bowl full of jelly and lather up with sweet and fruity bergamot oil, soothing rose absolute and uplifting neroli for indulgent cleansing. Carrageenan seaweed gives this rounded wobbler plenty of jiggle and softness for the gentlest festive washes.’

Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar.

‘Let’s be honest, they may have terrible jokes, ill-fitting paper hats, frogs that flop and snaps that just don’t but, you can’t deny that pulling a cracker at Christmas isn’t a fun tradition that never fails to cheer you up.
Christmas Cracker bubble bar is no exception. This bright bubble bar is bursting with uplifting lemon myrtle and lime essential oils. Neroli will ensure you’re full of Christmas cheer while popping candy makes sure your bathtime goes with a bang. Whether you’re pulling your own this year or sharing with a friend, get cracking!’

Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt.

‘Make this the first star you see tonight and have all your wishes granted. Place into hot water and watch it dance across the surface spreading cheerful Chinese ginger and lime oils in its wake. Silky murumuru butter turns the water into a dream for the skin and leaves you feeling soft and moisturised in the luxurious lavender coloured water. So make a wish and get in for seriously silky skin.’

Rose Jam Shower Gel, Naked Shower Gel, Bubbleroon.

‘Pep up your spirits in a bath filled with Rose Jam: lemon, rose and geranium oil will help perk you up, while Fair Trade cocoa and shea butter leave you feeling gorgeous. You’ll end up feeling as cheered as though you’d been given a bunch of flowers. Rose oil and rose absolute give a double dose of rosiness, helping to clear the mind and boost your mood.’

Tree-D Bath Oil.

‘Tree-D quietly melts away as it gently transforms the water into a softening pool of almond oil and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter. Delicate scents of tangerine and grapefruit float by on the breeze while litsea cubeba oil restores you to your natural state.
Allow the noise of the day to fade into the distance until it’s just you and the trees…’

Man In The Moon Bubble Bar.

‘Fantastically phantasmagoric and wonderfully weird, you don’t need a rocket to take a trip to the moon. Credits to lime and neroli oils for their outstanding contribution to lifting moods and chasing away the blues. Just crumble under running water and watch as the special effects of golden lustre swirl in the water as cocoa butter sets the scene for softer skin. Olibanum oil gives the final cut of a grounded and calm state of mind. It’s up, up and away in a rocket ship of citrus bliss.’

My Two Front Teeth Bubble Bar.

‘The tooth fairy is working overtime. Give a little whistle and crumble under running water for some seriously soothing and worry-free bubbles. You’ll get all that you wanted from this lavender and tonka dental delight. Neroli will make you smile from ear to ear and brace yourself for what is to come. Buck up with vanilla and let worries bubble away.’

Snow Fairy Cold Pressed Soap, Sparkle Bar, Body Conditioner, Jelly Bomb, Naked Shower Gel, Fun.

‘Sail away on a bubblegum sea in a boat made of candy floss and fairy dust. Get in the bath and cast this jelly bomb into the water, watching as clouds of skin softening jelly swirl around you like enchanted snow drifts. Soak in the sweet pink waters and float away to Neverland.’

Snow Angel Bath Melt.

‘Dissolving into a flurry of snow, blanket your bath in white foam before revealing a shimmering golden glow. Rich in moisturising Fair Trade cocoa butter, with a delicate marzipan scent, and drifts of rose, benzoin and cassie absolute to treat winter skin to a softening, floral soak.’

Snowman Shower Jelly.

‘Do you smell carrots? There’s no need to wait for a white Christmas to build a snowman; this frosty, fruity little chap is ready to lather up whatever the weather. Carrageenan seaweed is gentle on the skin, while glycerine helps this playful wobbler glide over your body, leaving it soft and clean. Wobble all over wet skin for gentle cleanses (or pop into the freezer for extra frosty washes). Buchu, bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils give a sweet, spring-like fragrance to lift your mood sky high and leave you walking in the air.’

Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel, Naked Shower Gel.

‘Though the frost may be cruel, warm up with a walk in this winter wonderland of cranberry infusion and fresh blueberry juice. Lather up in the hands and use all over the body and hair for a refreshing and rejuvenating burst. Bergamot and sweet orange oils will lift your spirits and carry them off on a crisp, fruity breeze.’

Santa Baby Lip Scrub, Lip Tint, Naked Lip Scrub, Naked Lip Tint.

‘Last Christmas we gave you a scrub,
and the very next day, you recycled the tub.
This year, we heard your pleas for less packaging,
So we gave it to you naked.
Sweep this naked lip scrub over your lips for a kissable pout. Packed with murumuru and illipe butter and accompanied by coconut and jojoba oils, your lips will be soft, moisturised and ready for whatever fun you get up to under the mistletoe.’

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub, Lip Tint, Naked Lip Scrub, Naked Lip Tint.

‘Do away with tutu much packaging and dance naked this Christmas. Kalahari melon and organic jojoba oils moisturise for super soft Christmas kisses. Sweet wild orange oil gives you a happy lift which will have you dancing all night long.’

Buche De Noel Fresh Cleanser.

‘When the weather outside is frightful, your skin can still feel delightful. Mighty Bûche de Noël is packed with festive ingredients including juicy satsumas, cranberries and a drop of brandy to give you that ‘elfy glow. Add a little water to this blend of sweet almonds and kaolin, then work the paste into your skin to gently buff and brighten. A little Fair Trade organic cocoa butter ensures your skin stays soft and hydrated.’

Bubbly Shower Gel.

‘Had one too many this festive season? It’s time to ditch the bottle and enjoy your favourite tipple without the packaging. Say goodbye to overflowing recycling bins and hello to flowing sweet wild orange and lime waters, minus the plastic. Vine leaf infusion soothes skin and moods while fresh grape juice gently but thoroughly cleanses. Use your hands to work up a lather and indulge in the same way as you would any bottled shower gel.’

Santas Christmas Shower Cream, Naked Shower Cream.

‘Delivering presents to every child is a rewarding, but arduous job. So the other 364 days of the year Santa jets off for some well-deserved holiday bliss. Getting through security with his favourite shower cream can be a pain, though. So one day he got his elves to whip up a packaging-free version to make travelling a breeze!
Now he can enjoy the warm climate of Italy without having to worry about drawing too much attention to himself. Be naked, sweet, and free – like Santa.’

Salt and Peppermint Bark Body Scrub.

‘You’d be forgiven for thinking that most American exports are to be avoided (please refer to throwing footballs by hand). Most, that is, except peppermint bark. The brittle, sweet stateside treat inspired this peppermint oil and fine sea salt scrub. Alas, this version’s inedible. As the salt inside exfoliates skin, Fair Trade organic cocoa and cupuaçu butter leave your body feeling exquisitely soft. Tempting candy cane scent mingles with the cooling sensation of peppermint, so you can create a new festive tradition without travelling across the pond.’

Shooting Stars Soap.

‘This zesty lime and lemon oil soap feels just as good after lights out as it does before nights out. Lemon oil from groves of Sicily makes this soap a fantastic wake up call before heading out to party, while also providing instant cheer on a night in with yourself. Joyous colour, lustres and uplifting bergamot oil evoke sensational shooting stars, so stroke over skin for a stream of scent as tantalising as sherbet.’

Baked Alaska Soap.

‘When you’ve bin feeling sad and blue, bake it off with lemon myrtle and grapefruit oils. Citrusy suds and ylang-ylang oil will lift the mood and sabotage sadness. With bright baubles of in-tents-ly softening Fair Trade cocoa butter, your skin will feel moisturised and smooth. Feel Mary and bright and lather this up on your soggy bottom.’

Bucks Fizz Body Lotion, Naked Body Conditioner.

‘Start your Christmas off with a boozy breakfast of zesty grapefruit decoction and cognac oil. Brazillian orange and lime oils work to lift your mood while murumuru and shea butter moisturise, leaving skin touchably soft and smelling like a citrus cocktail. Rub this naked body conditioner all over wet skin before rinsing off: you’ll feel like wearing nothing but your birthday suit!’

Candy Cane Roulade Shower Smoothie.

‘Go down through mountain passes, forest encroaching on every side, and enter into a candy cane clearing. The air is thick with fresh mint and your skin feels cool with the slightest hint of tingle. Creamy Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, soya milk and almond oil are enveloped in paper made from fresh honeydew melon pulp. When you smooth a slice over skin, you’ll enjoy indulgent, softening washes. After you rinse off, rich, grounding scent of cedarwood and cypress will linger on.’

Saucy Snow Cake Soap.

‘So, you think you know Snowcake? Well, you’ve never known it like this. This new batch includes warming and spicy Fair Trade organic clove infusion and softening soya milk. Soothing rose absolute helps calm skin, fruity cranberries lift the mood and there are even scrubby cashews inside, how ’bout that!? Get a little saucy and work up a creamy lather that your skin will thank you for.’

Christingle Body Conditioner, Naked Body Conditioner.

‘This spin on a classic takes you to the top of the tingles charts. With peppermint and menthol crystals to awaken and stimulate the body, this is the number one to turn to over the festive season. Give your day a kick start with spearmint and grapefruit oils. Take a firm grip and stroke all over wet skin before rinsing off for tingly fresh and invigorated skin.’

Christmas Citrus Soap.

‘Put on the music, pump up the volume, get in the shower, sing as loud as you can and have the lime of your life. This citrus packed soap will make you want to sing from the rooftops (though in the interest of looking sane we advise you stick to the bathroom). With its uplifting lime oil, mood-brightening lemon infusion and happy-making bergamot, you will feel on top of the world and ready to party.’

Snowcloud Soap.

‘Drift off to cloud 9. When the weather outside is frightful you don’t have to feel the same. Uplifting orange blossom absolute and neroli oil will cheer you up in no time. Transport yourself back to summer and memories of spotting shapes in the clouds with comforting rosewood and warming sandalwood oils. They say that every cloud has a silver lining but this one has uplifting ylang ylang instead.’

Hidden Mountain Soap.

‘When you feel like you’ve been there and back again or when all eyes are on you and you need to disappear, grab this precious soap and lather up. Woody ho wood oil and musky labdanum resinoid combine together to create a grounding and tranquil scent that everyone will be hunting for, so keep it secret, keep it safe! Tramp through grass and woodland until you reach the foot of the mountain. Speak ‘friend’ and enter the bathroom! Calm yourself with lavender oil and take the sting out of your day. Bad mood; you shall not pass!’

Shades of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh Lip Block.

‘No matter what shade you’re planning on throwing, make sure it shimmers and sparkles all night. Shades of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh make pouts glisten and shine like the stars. When you’re getting ready to party, lead your style with this Kalahari melon and organic jojoba oil based lip block filled with soft lips and lustre like no other. Mix up your preferred shade on a brush or with a finger, glide onto lips and you’re ready to strut your stuff.’

Christmas Rocker Soap.

‘It’s hard not to look on the bright side when you’re rocking around with mandarin and tangerine oils. Dried apricots buff the skin and bergamot oil lifts the mood. Rock ‘n’ roll around your bathroom with energising Mexican tangerine oil and organic mandarin – this zingy number will be sure to get your blood flowing.’

Which is your favourite this year? Jade xo