Makeup Revolution is one my favourite drugstore brands. Mostly I love their eyeshadows and highlighters, I feel like they really know what they’re doing when it comes to powders. I received the Revoholic Edit as a gift over the Christmas period.

Revoholic Edit is a gift set that was designed for 2018, which was released early for Christmas. The set is sold for £30 on (the site which Makeup Revolution is sold on), you can also purchase this from Superdrug for the same price. With all of the items inside the RRP price is £100, so you’re actually saving yourself £70! Personally, I think this deal is such a good one for people who like the brand. Inside it contains 3 eyeshadow palettes, 1 highlighting palette, a single highlight, a banana powder, a blush palette, 4 face brushes and 4 eye brushes.

Flawless 4 Eyeshadow Palette

This contains 32 eyeshadows with a good mix of matte and shimmer shades. The packaging is in the usual black plastic with the rose gold writing, it has also got a full-size mirror on the top. Upon opening, there is a plastic sheet with all of the shadow names on, something I wish was written on the back of the palette itself because I always lose these pieces of plastic! The colours are mostly red and pink undertoned. I think they could have put one or two darker colours in there because I love a good dark brown/black in a palette. The swatches look pretty impressive, Shimmer shades always look better than mattes while swatching though but even the mattes ones have come out pretty good.

Flawless Unlimited Eyeshadow Palette

Another palette from their ‘Flawless’ range. Something I actually really like! Again, like the previous, this palette contains 32 eyeshadows with a mix of matte and shimmer shades. The packing is exactly the same as the previous one, with the black plastic. There is also a mirror in this palette, along with the plastic sheet with the shade names on. This palette looks a lot more ‘me’, I think I will get a lot more use out of this palette as opposed to the above one. The colours seem to have a much cooler undertone too them. With an almost white shade and a much darker grey, almost a black. The shimmer shades in this palette swatched amazingly, where the matte ones didn’t do quite so well. Every single shadow I used felt super soft on the finger, almost like a loose setting powder.

Revoholic Limited Palette

Third, in the eyeshadows palettes, we have one of their Revoholic palettes. This contains 12 eyeshadows, which are all shimmer. The colours are not varied in this one, there are 6 brown shades, 3 white a pink and a gold. The packaging itself is a clear plastic top, so you can see the shades inside which also means no mirror! The eyeshadows themselves are then arranged within the palette in triangle shapes. This does make the palette look a little more interesting, but I prefer a circle or a square – just because it’s easier for me to use. Just as the previous palettes, because these are all shimmer shades, they swatched on the arm lovely. Each one felt super soft, and the pigment came out lovely. One of the white shades is actually more of a holographic shade, it looks white but when the light hits it turns pink! I love this shade on the face, but I am not sure how I could use this with an eye look?

Ultra Pro Glow Highlighter Palette


This palette has 8, rather large, highlighter shades. The packaging is, again, in a plastic casing with a clear top. There are no shade names at all with this palette and no mirror! All of these shades inside, too me, look rather warm-toned. I like how they have included a couple of darker ones for people with a darker skin tone. Personally, I feel like I won’t get much use out of this palette due to almost all of the shades being too dark for my skin! I chose 4 shades too swatch, mixing some of the darker and lighter ones. I was surprised at how this felt, I was expecting to feel the glitter chunks which I couldn’t at all!


Ultimate Bush Palette

Blush is something I hardly ever use, I have never liked the look of it on my skin. This particular blush palette consists of 8 shimmery shades, in a range of different pink colours. There is a lighter one going right through to a darker one. In the pan, the powders have a marble effect to them, which I think is a nice little touch to make the palette look a little more pretty. Once I had swatched them I knew they were not going to be something I will be using, I don’t like a matte blush, let alone a shimmery one. The powders themselves feel a little rougher than I was expecting due to the glitter inside of them. When I first swirled my finger around them I could instantly feel the glitter particles. I haven’t tried this on the face yet so I can’t actually judge on that, but on the finger, it didn’t feel too nice.

Skin Kiss Highlighter – Rose Gold

Just taking one look at this I know this is aimed at people with a darker skin tone, this is more like a shimmery bronzer for my pale skin! The lid is a clear plastic lid, with the product packed into the bottom. With the clear lid, it means you can see the actual product without needed to open this. The size of this product is actually really good, there is so much product inside I don’t know how anyone could ever run out! Makeup Revolution is known for their amazing powders, and this is included within this. It feels so soft to touch, and the swatch that it produced, with just one swipe on the skin, looks beautiful. It has actually made me wish I had darker skin so I could actually use this! The reflect that comes off of this is such a lovely colour. When there is no light on the skin you can’t see it, but as soon as the light hits it the rose gold colours reflects beautifully.

Luxury Banana Powder

This is something I already own and don’t like. This banana powder comes packaged in a clear plastic tube, with a black plastic lid. Once the lid is open there is a plastic coating with holes in, meaning it’s less likely to get messy, even though I manage to do it every time! The power is designed for the under eye area to brighten and set your concealer. I find if there is too much product applied to the area it can crease really bad, making your concealer look old on your skin. Another problem I found with this is the yellow pigment is a little too strong, it made my undereye area look super yellow. It feels lovely on the skin though. It’s such a fine powder, it feels luxurious when swatching.

Ultimate Nudes 2018 Brush Set

I am not sure if this is the shole brush collection or not, but there is 8 in this set. 4 of them are face brushes and the other four are eye brushes. These have a nude coloured plastic handle, with a rose gold band joining the bristled to the handle. The bristles are mainly white with a tip of a gorgeous pink/purple colour. They are made solely out of synthetic hair, something I much prefer. I haven’t actually used these yet, but I brushed them again my skin. They felt so soft, much more luxurious than I was expecting. They feel so soft, there is no hardness on any of them. The four face brushes are the Powder Brush, Contour Brush, Flat Blending Brush and Prime and Correct Brush. These eyeshadow brushes are Conceal Brush, Round Eyeshadow Brush, Flat Eyeshadow Brush and the Fine Eyeshadow Brush.

Overall, I am super impressed with this set. There are a few products in here that I personally won’t be getting much use out of. £30 is all these costs! Even without those products I won’t be using, I am saving so much money. I am in love with the brushes, I think I will get a lot of use out of those, as well as the two Flawless palettes. I am unsure about the other eyeshadow palette, but it has definitely given me something to work with. There is such a range of different products in there, perfect for someone who is just starting out in makeup, or like me loves to have a play around.

Have you tried any of these products, if so, what did you think? Jade