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26th December

‘ I love Christmas, not just for the gifts but for the lights and decorations’

So, Christmas day has been and gone – It went by far too fast! To keep myself in the festive spirit I would like to show you the decorations I and my boyfriend purchased this year and how we have arranged them. We don’t have many because of it being our first year in our own house, and we have a cat. Anyone who has one knows the struggles of mixing decorations and cats together! (As I am writing this she is currently pushing all the decorations onto the floor! Do you know how many times I have picked them up?!?)

The tree we have is a small white one, it goes perfectly in any room but we decided to put it in the living room between the two sofas. It comes with some white lights on it meaning we don’t need to add any ourselves! Bonus!

My favourite of them all is the LED Candle we have. It changes colour and is filled with glitter, with the little motor at the bottom the glitter gets pushed to the top and floats back down. I could sit and look at it for hours!

To give the DVD shelf we have in the living room a little more festive-ness we added some silver tinsel – no! This was not my idea! I draped it over the top wrapping it around the candle 1) because the tinsel was too long 2) I don’t want the candle on the floor because of the cat!

We added two little LED tree shapes, one on either side of the television. These change colour as well, they are cute but I don’t like when they are different colours!

Above the television, we have a little light-up canvas. It has a snowy picture on it, which just screams Christmas! The tiny little lights create a cute little atmosphere within the canvas.

To make the Kitchen a little festive we placed some purple tinsel framing the clock we have there.

The last thing we have is some tinsel on the bookshelf. This is placed in the hallway and has some IKEA candles and my little cactus on there. Instead of moving these items we just placed the tinsel going around them both!

What have you put up this year? Jade xo

2 thoughts on “My Christmas Decorations | Blogmas

    • My boyfriend actually took that one for me, I wasn’t even aware of it until he showed it to me afterwards! I love how cosy it makes the place look.
      Thanks, I think I was gifted the clock a few years ago for my Birthday. I always end up singing the words and getting them stuck in my head though!xo

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