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Spring is here! You know what that means? Summer is right around the corner. Que the sweaty faces, running mascara and frizzy hair. The three main things I hate about the hotter weather. Because of these things happening I like to try and decrease the number of products I put on my face. I like to try and keep the base pretty light, as well leaning the eyelids products free.

To create the ever so famous ‘No Makeup Makeup’ look I:

Start off with a little concealer under my eyes, Collection Lasting Perfection is my favourite for this, as it has full coverage but doesn’t look like anything on the skin. I then set the concealer with a pressed powder, I prefer this to a loose powder because I feel using a loose powder can become heavy on my dry skin.

Next, I fill in my eyebrows, I like to use a small amount of powder for this on an angled brush. I usually only go over the sparse areas on this, instead of filling them all in. I feel this gives me a more natural look.

I then apply bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks bones and use this as a contouring powder also, using a little more product just under the cheekbones. On the tops of the cheekbones, I like to use a stick highlighter. I feel this gives me a more natural look, sort of like a glow within. My favourite for this is the Collection Speedy Highlight Stick. I also apply a little of this on the bridge of my nose, and the top of my cupid’s bow. No matter how it is, I can’t go without a highlight.

To make myself feel a little more put together I apply some mascara to the lashes after I have curled them. I like to apply a small amount of tinted lip balm on the lips, to give them a slight wash of colour.

What are your favourite products for the No Makeup Makeup look? Jade

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