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As you may have seen recently Primark has taken over the beauty world! The more time I spend on social media the more I see their products. I knew I just needed to try out as many of their products as I could. As soon as I stepped into the makeup part in Primark, I was finding it hard to pull myself away from their beautiful products. Have you seen some of their brushes?



Primer Water

This is the first, and only, primer water I have ever tried. I am unsure as to why it has taken me this long to try one as my skin is super dry all of the time, so it would make sense for a primer WATER to work well for me – right?! This will be the first thing I apply to my face, so I can prime my face for my eyebrows. The spray itself squirts the perfect amount! It doesn’t make me wince, or feel like someone has just got me with a water gun, yet here is product coming out.
My favourite way to use this though is to spray a little onto an eyeshadow brush before applying it onto my lid, it makes the shimmer shades go on a lot nicer. As well as enhancing the pigment of them.

My Perfect Colour Foundation

I have been looking for a new foundation since I finished my No7 one just after Christmas! This is one I have been seeing more and more over my Social Media, so decided it was finally time to try it. For just £3.00, it’s something I was not worried about if I didn’t enjoy it too much.

I went for the shade Porcelain, worried it might be a little too light – Well! It was my perfect shade. I use a damp sponge to apply this, I feel it can go streaky with a brush. It’s something that you can really build up the coverage to how you like it. On a normal work day I like to use just 2 pumps, on the days I need the extra coverage I can get away with using up to 5 pumps! It doesn’t look cakey, no matter how much you apply. The consistency of this foundation is rather liquidy – Great for us dry skinned gals! This also helps it to blend like a dream, creating the illusion of your skin looking fabulous, without anything there. Something I really look for in a good foundation is it not clinging to any of my dry patches, let me tell you there is a lot of them! My Perfect Colour is one of few foundations that doesn’t do that!
The only thing I dislike about this product is the packaging, It’s not something that is appealing to me at all. It is in a plastic bottle with a black pump and lid. I understand that for the price it is not something I can complain about, but so many other PRoducts from Primark have the most beautiful packing I have seen!


I kind of picked this up on a whim, because there were no other concealers anywhere near my shade when I was in Primark. I wish I had actually saved the £1.50 it cost me.

As soon as I have pencilled this onto my skin it starts to oxidise, turning into a thick looking orange mess under my eyes. I was expecting the consistency of this to be thick, it’s in the nature of the product. The thing I wasn’t expecting was for it to be difficult to blend it. I have tried using a brush but the product just didn’t go anywhere, so I swapped it for a sponge, this made it even worse. I feel like using something damp just made it into a patchy orange mess! Not only is it extremely hard to blend, but when I apply it under the eyes it will crease within less than 5 minutes – because it is so thick!

Can we just talk about the coverage for one second? This is labelled as a concealer, so it should have a pretty high coverage – right? Well, I have found more coverage in a foundation than in this. I haven’t got anything on my skin that this will cover – under eyes? even the small red blemishes on my skin, it will not cover.
The one use I have managed to get out of this is for my brows, I use this to carve them out. I can literally draw it around my brows, then use a dense eyeshadow brush to blend it out. I literally only use it for this because I don’t want to throw it away, I was kind of hoping to find a use for this!

Lasting Impact Volumising Mascara

Another product I picked up on a whim. After purchasing a few other products I decided a full face of Primark makeup is something I am going to do – I promise, it will be here, one day! So, in order to complete this, I needed a mascara. This is the first one I seen in all honesty. I am glad this is the one I picked up because it is the best one for an everyday look.

I use a curler before I apply this because it doesn’t specifically have the curling power. The wand for this is a standard one, there is nothing interesting or even special about it. The first layer I applied and I was in love. It applies perfectly evenly to all of the lashes, coating them all with just the right amount of product. My lashes had never looked so voluminous with just one coat of mascara. It separates all of my lashes, yes all 10 of them, makes it look like there is a lot more than there actually is. I took to the other eye, waited for the first layer to dry before applying the second. Something I worry about is the clumping of my lashes, which is so easily avoided with this mascara. Not one clump to be seen! The curl that was added before the application, it’s still there at the end of the day.

I love wearing this on an everyday basis, with just a small amount of eyeshadow in the crease and a medium coverage base. It just completes the look. If you wear mascara on the bottom lashes, this is something you will love for that use.

Primark Lip Liners

If you haven’t seen anyone talking about these lip liners then seriously, where have you been? This is my all time favourite brand of lip liners. As well as having dry skin I have dry lips, so I need something that is not going to enhance that. Welcome, my friends, to the Primark lip liners!

These lip liners apply like a high-end product. They don’t drag along the lip, no pulling is involved at all. Once you have swiped along the lip line once, that is all you are going to need to do. The pigmentation is absolutely perfect with just one line. Applying these all over the lips doesn’t make them look dry and cracked, like a lot of other lip liners do. I actually quite like wearing them on their own a lot of the time, because it looks just like a lipstick. Can we just talk about their colour range? If you struggle to find a colour that you like in this then there is a problem, they have colours all the way from the light nudes to pinks to dark browns. I am confident that when I apply this on the lips it will stay all day if there are no greasy foods involved that day!

Matte Liquid Lipstick

I have been looking for a nice grey liquid lipstick for a while, I just love the way they looked at some people, foolishly thinking I would be able to pull it off! Alas, I found one! You guessed it, in Primark.

As soon as I got this home I applied it straight away, removing the product I had already on my lips. As soon as this dried I was instantly slightly disappointed. I was hoping it wasn’t going to show up the level of dry my lips were at, yet it di exactly this. I understand it’s a Matte liquid lipstick, The pictures were such an inspiration, I thrived to look like them. I then exfoliated and tried again a few days later. This looked a lot better, for a while. Don’t get me wrong, it stayed on the lips all day. Towards the afternoon it started to look a little scummy on the inside, anyone knows what I mean? It didn’t transfer onto anything I put to my lips though, which is a massive selling point too me. I love a product that doesn’t leave a lipstick stain on my mug of tea. As well as that, it felt super comfortable, I didn’t even know I was wearing anything till I looked in the mirror.

If you have tried any Primark makeup products if so I would love to know which ones – I would love to try some more! Thanks for reading,

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