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Every time I see someone take part in the Project pan I really enjoy reading the updated posts, as well as wanting to take part myself. Seeing as I have thrown out a lot of my makeup I thought now would be the perfect time for me to start this! I decided to keep the products that I love and just couldn’t face getting rid off. I feel like if I have actually used up the whole product then I might find it easier to remove it completely from my collection.


Freedom Pro Contour Stick – This has the two colours on this, there is the lighter shade for highlighting and the darker for the contouring. The lighter product I try not to use, it clings to the dry patches I have on my face and it really shows the texture of my skin – Something I hate! The darker side though is perfect. I haven’t found a product that contours my cheeks as well as this! The colour isn’t too ashy, but ashy enough to make it look like there is a shadow below the cheekbone. I like to apply this on top of foundation, but it can be applied under if that’s how you prefer to use this.


MUA Undress Your Skin Illuminating Liquid Glow – I thought this was something I really liked! That was until I tried to use this as a highlighter. This is basically glitter packed into a tube – my whole face turned into a disco ball, not the look I was going for! I remember when I got this I used to mix this in with foundation – I am not sure what I was thinking! I am going to keep this in here though, and see if I can try and use this, even just once!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – A cult classic among the beauty industry. This concealer is amazing, but I’m starting to feel like it’s not working for me anymore. I don’t feel like it covers my under eyes as much as it used too, and it’s a little too dark for me. I mean it works perfectly for over the face over any blemishes I have, but for the under eyes? Not so much anymore. I know that if I keep this then I will just end up getting myself a replacement. I am hoping my making a deal about me using it all up then I will try to find something else for my light skin! Any recommendations?

MUA Skin Define Hydro Powder – This powder was purchased on the off chance, and I have really enjoyed using it. Due to it being a Hydro powder I feel like it doesn’t cling to the dry patches, or even dry out my skin when I wear this. I wear this all day and I don’t feel the under eyes are really dry at the end of the day – Something I experience with a few other powders. It doesn’t oxidise throughout the day. I just feel like I could get a better setting powder for the under eyes, I am going to start looking for a loose powder I think! I feel like during the day it appears to have creased, making my under eyes look more tired.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronzer – I love this bronzer. I have already got a replacement for this one, which is why I am trying to use this one up – so I can open the new one! I use this every single day. I believe this is the only bronzer I actually have in my collection. It is not orange, but it isn’t too brown. I have very light skin and feel like this works perfectly for me! It blends out perfectly, I can build up the colour. I sometimes even use this to slightly contour with. I just turn my brush on the side and apply a little more product into the cheekbone.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit – I hardly ever use blush, but since I have put this out on the desk I have been really enjoying it. The colour is perfect for the everyday look, it has a slight bit of shimmer within it so it doesn’t make the face look super flat. The highlighter is one of my favourite for everyday! It comes onto the skin completely naturally, but it can definitely be built up to a more blinding one. The contour shade is another one perfect for my skin. I feel like the colour is just right, making it look natural. It blends really nicely – you only need a tiny amount of this!


Makeup Revolution Eye Primer – This is the second primer I have ever used for eyes, while I have nothing negative to say about it. I feel like my concealer and face primers can do the same thing which is why I feel like this is not a necessary product in my collection.

Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 2 Palette – Another product I have already got a second waiting. I love the brown shade in this palette, it’s the perfect shade for a crease colour. I have been looking for this shade for the longest time, I would like a single of this – any ideas? I also love that there are so many different shimmer shades, I create simple looks using just this palette. Using the brown in the crease and a shimmer colour on the lid, there is also the option to add even more definition by using the black – If you want a whole post on this then let me know!


Collection Lasting Colour (Shade 13, Vintage Rose) – I have had this for the longest time! I love this shade, it is the perfect pink/mauve for me. The finish is more of a satin feel, which I have been really enjoying at the moment! I am loving the less drying feel. It lasts a few hours, I wouldn’t say it lasts all day! I take this when I wear it, so I can reapply during the day because if you drink, lipstick if you eat, lipstick! It transfers onto everything!!

M&S Rosie Lip Glossy – If you have dry lips this will definitely make them look a lot worse! I must exfoliate before I apply this, otherwise, your lips will not look nice at all. It doesn’t stay long at all, and the colour is extremely sheer. Keep in mind this is a lip gloss though, and it works pretty well. This is another product I take with me because it doesn’t last long at all, maybe 3 hours at the maximum!


If you have taken part in any of these challenges and would like to share them please link them all down below! I would love to look at them all! Jade

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