Ps… Nudes Highlight & Contour Kit | Review

Both, you and I know how good Primark has been at their makeup dupe game currently. Here is one of their latest. The ever so famous KKW Contour & Highlighting kit. With a price difference of at least £26.00, I know which I would rather.


The packaging is in the same pale pink as the KKW product. Of course, I am sure the more expensive of the two is a lot more luxurious, right? It does feel a little flimsy, yet the product feels super safe in there, I would be rather happy to travel with it knowing none of it would break off. The one thing I really like about the packing is each of the product is individually labelled, on the actual packaging, before opening the wrong one you know which is which when picking them up.


The actual product applies directly to the skin so easily. It doesn’t budge any makeup that is underneath it, making it a great product to apply before or after foundation. I will say though I have tried using a damp sponge to blend this product, Let me warn you now, this doesn’t work in the slightest! The brush and sponge it comes with works the best, which I will get onto very soon.


The Highlighting product is something I have a love-hate relationship with. The one side has a very subtle champagne highlighting colour, which makes the skin look it has a very subtle, natural glow. The other side has an orange colour, which I am unsure of what this is actually for. It’s too dark for me to use anywhere, I don’t understand how anyone would be able to use this as a highlighting colour.


The Contour stick, on the other hand, is my favourite in this collection. The one side has the perfect warm brown colour for a naturally bronzed look. It has a slight orange to it, but not too much for it to look unnatural on the skin. The other end had a much more cool-toned colour. This makes for the perfect contouring shade. I apply this after the bronze colour yet before the foundation, giving the illusion of structured cheekbones, in the most natural way.

Eyebrow Highlighter

The Eyebrow highlighter is something I am not completely in love with. It is the same colour as the highlighting stick, just with a little more shimmer in. It does make the brow look more uplifted, but I can’t say the shimmery look is something I have ever been the biggest fan of. I much prefer this product for the days that I am going for a complete glam look, for a more everyday look this isn’t for me.


The applicator itself. The one product out of the whole set I was the most worried about. The day I used a sponge for the first time I was hooked, so trying to move away from that for the purpose of this one product. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it.
There is a kabuki brush on the one end, a sponge on the other. I used the sponge completely dry for the two darker colours, which worked amazingly. I tried to spray it with a little primer, to make the brush slightly damp, which was the worst idea I have had in a while! It just soaked up the product, as well as just moving around all the product underneath. The kabuki brush was then used for the highlighting cream. This worked well as well, I think I prefer to use a damp sponge to quickly dab this into the skin instead though.

Have you tried this yet? What did you think? Thanks for reading,


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