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30th December

‘ Forget what hurt you in the past, but never forget what it taught you.’

So, it’s almost the last day of 2017, and you know, I am so glad this year is over. I am not saying it has all been bad, but I feel like most of it wasn’t great. I don’t want to dwell on the negatives though, so I am going to make this a more positive post. Here is my personal reflection on the past 364 days.


In January I got to live one of my most memorable evenings of my life. I managed to watch The Nutcracker Ballet in the theatre! I have ALWAYS wanted to watch a ballet, and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was the most amazing evening of my life, the best thing I have ever done in my 20 years.

Waiting for the Ballet to start

Were ready to leave now!









Another day trip I went on, was a gift for my birthday which was to the Longleat Safari. I have always been a lover of animals, Giraffes being one of my favourites. We managed to drive around the safari park, as well as got to feed a giraffe! I had never experienced that before then, it was such an amazing thing I managed to do.

I got to feed a giraffe!

I held a snake, I actually held a real snake.








In 2017 I didn’t leave the country, yet I managed to get away twice. Once was with my Boyfriend, I surprised him for his Birthday with a holiday away. The second was a weekend away with my whole family! I mean, my grandparents, aunties uncles, parents, cousins and siblings! There was almost 20 of us who went, and it was a lovely weekend because we are never all together.

Even in February, it looks beautiful.

Here are all of my cousins! Yeah, there’s a few of us.









London was another place I visited, twice actually, for the first time this year! I had never been before 2017, but I managed to go twice this year. One weekend after another! The first time I went was for a night out there, which, was a pretty good one – but it was very expensive just for a night out! The second time was blogging related which I will talk about later in the post.

I and Jordan are ready to hit the town

The London gardens are so pretty








Running was something I started at the beginning of the year, it didn’t last long! I did manage to complete my first (and probably last) 5K run, I ran for Cancer Research. This is something I am extremely proud of actually, because I have never been a sporty type, like at all, so being able to run a 5K is something that still impresses me now, 5 months down the line.

Literally just crossed the line after 5K

My boyfriend and I hit the 1-year mark just last month. This is something that I hold very close to me because I have never been the commitment type of girl. I was never going to have children and was never going to get married, this all changed when I met him. I am not going to say too much, just in case he reads this! But, I just want to say that I can really see myself being with him for the rest of my life. Which leads me lovely to my next achievement!

1 year ago.

Something me and my boyfriend share is our little kitten, Kiko. We took her to our home on May 22nd. After losing my previous kitten (R.IP Biscuit) I was so distraught and heartbroken I really didn’t think I would ever get another cat. But behold, Someone we knew had three little kittens they were looking to sell. As soon as I see a picture of the three kittens I instantly fell in love with her.

she was so small when we first got her

they love to have cuddles









October 6th, 2017, the day me and my boyfriend got the keys to our own home! After being together for just short of 11 months we moved in together. We applied for the mortgage in April, then, 6 months later we finally got the keys! Let me say, mortgages are stressful and NOT fun! but, in the end, it has totally been worth it. I have never felt more at home.

My mental health has been very rocky this whole year. I started taking tablets again, for the second time. My therapy sessions came to an end right at the beginning of the year, which was something I was really struggling with. There hasn’t been a day that has been easy for me, but within the past month or so I have been feeling a lot more positive. The tablets take a while to work, and they were changing them up a lot before they could start their work. After a lot of failed attempts, I feel like I have now got to a place in my mind that I am happy with.

Very recently (8 days ago!) I accepted a new job. From the new year, I will be a Sales Assistant, no longer working in an Administration role. I spent the whole of this year changing up my job role, more than once, to find something that suited me. I started as just Administration, I then started college studying Quantity Surveying. This was such a struggle for me, working 4 days, college one day a week, and studying something I have 0 knowledge in. I decided that this course really wasn’t for me, and decided to go back to the Administrator role. As much as I love each and every one of my employees I feel like the environment just wasn’t right for me personally. Which is why I felt I really needed a change. Applied for a new job, managed to get me an interview. They then rang me back within the hour to invited me to the second interview, offered me the job, I then accepted the day after!


I started this little blog in March. It feels like I have had this blog forever, it just feels so natural to me now, but it’s not even a year old yet. I started blogging in March because I wanted something to fill up my spare hours. I was working just 4 days a week and had nothing to do with the other three days of the week. I remember trying it a couple of years ago and really enjoying it, but have you ever tried to run a blog and work full-time in a pub? Trust me, it’s the hardest thing ever! So I quit that one, seeing as I had so many extra hours in the week I wanted something to really give me something back. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Here are all the amazing things I have done in just 9 months with it.

Somewhere along the way (I can’t remember the exact date – so annoying!), I managed to reach 500 followers! I mean, over 500 people want to read and look at my site? How crazy is that?! It may not seem like a lot to some people but to me that pretty weird.

London, the second weekend in a row I visited. #BloggerFestival. My first (and only) blogger event I attended. It was such an amazing experience for me, where I met some of the most amazing bloggers – who I talk to almost every day. I met up with a lot of brands who are looking for bloggers to work with and learned a lot of new things about the blogging world. I had literally no idea what to expect when attending, but it exceeded all of it. Each brand and person who helped put it together should be so proud of themselves. They made each one of us feel welcome with a glass of champagne upon walking in. There was a balloon wall before we entered as well, which I mean, what sort of blogger sees this and doesn’t take a photo?! There was then a room with a long decorated table, perfect for photo opportunities. The other room was the one with all of the brands in, there was such a range of brands there including Chelsea Candle, Sandisk, 7th Heaven, TOTM and so many more. Each stall was so lovely and taught me so much about each of their brands.

Just some of the brands that were there

So happy to have met these three








Reaching 500 followers made me want to take this a little more seriously, and really push myself and the blog to where I feel it could be. I took the plunge and purchase my own domain name in October. It took me the longest time to try and figure out everything because I don’t know too much about all of the things that happen behind the scenes of the internet. It took me all day to transfer all of my old blog posts across, to then realise none of the images had gone across. I then decided maybe it was time to start fresh, so that’s exactly what I did. Deleted everything I had previously written, photographed, changed the theme. I then didn’t have any motivation at all for the blogging world, I was on a real downward spiral. I allowed blogging to take the backseat for a while, focus on moving into the flat, getting my mind sorted before I could take back to blogging. I then started planning my come back in November.

Blogmas, this was my comeback. I had some posts ready to go. So, I really threw myself into my Blogmas posts, and here we are now! My 30th consecutive post. Something I have never done before, and a real achievement to me. I have really enjoyed taking part in the Blogmas challenge, thinking of new post ideas. It really helped me to lift my spirits in time for Christmas. I feel like blogging has helped to feel a little more myself, I can enjoy writing about the things I love, as well as connecting with people who share that same passions as me. I really feel like blogging is what was missing when I felt super low.








Through blogging, I have met, and spoke to some of the most amazing people. I am surprised at how lovely everyone has been, I haven’t heard the best things about the blogging community because it is so competitive, some people focus on pushing people down instead of bringing them up. I am part of a group called ‘Blogger Babes’. Every single girl in the group is the BEST. I have never met any other people who are as supportive, friendly, honest and just genuinely lovely people before. I don’t know if I would have carried on blogging without these girls. Every single one of us supports each other in everything we do, we talk every day and boost each other up – which is what everyone should be doing!

The two girls I have managed to meet


Okay, so after writing that I feel a lot more positive about this year, I suppose it hasn’t all been bad. There is a lot of good things mixed up in there somewhere. What have been your favourite moments of the year? Jade xo

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