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Working out is something that I have never been a big fan of, whether it’s going to the gym or going outside for a run. I know a lot of people set getting fit for a New Years Resolution, something I have not done this year! I have always been one of the lucky ones, never having to watch my food yet always being slim. But, I kicked myself into starting work out to make myself feel better, I didn’t intend to start for the weight side of things. This time last year, I was trying to get myself into running, feeling a more confident and happy within myself.

Seeing as this was round about the time I was really struggling with the motivation to carry on, I feel like it would be the perfect time to share with you how I kept on going! I am sharing with you my 7 tips, how I kept the motivation to keep running.

  1. Setting yourself a realistic target is going to help. Setting yourself little goals, eventually getting to the last one. I feel setting smaller, more realistic goals, is going to help with keeping it up. If you have set just the one larger goal, it’s going to take you ages to get there, which will decrease your motivation. The more realistic the goal, the quicker you are going to achieve it. This gives you such an amazing sense of achievement, that you will want to carry on!
  2. Go with a friend for supportThis was something I wasn’t too keen on, as I didn’t want my friend to see with my a sweaty face and not being able to breathe from running too much. But, I feel like when you have someone else with you-you’re more likely to push yourself more. When they don’t want to stop, you’re more likely to keep going with them. Instead of going at your own pace, you can go at their’s which will push you more.
  3. Plan, Plan, Plan. Planning is key! You can’t just keep saying that you’re going to start next week. You need to give yourself a date and a time which you are going to start, and you need to stick to it! If you haven’t set the time and date you are more likely to push it back even more.
  4. Push Yourself. The only person who is going to make you better at running is yourself! No-one else is in your shoes running for you, you know your body better than anyone else. You’re the only person who knows when enough is enough. Just keep in mind that your mind will always want to give in before your body will. That’s the main thing I would struggle with. While running and my mind tells me I have had enough, I choose a point further on that I can see, and tell myself I am not stopping till I get there. Once I am there I can then tell if I can actually go on or whether it’s just my mind telling me cant, it’s normally the second of the two! So I then set myself another target and do the same thought process each time.
  5. Reward Yourself. You have just gone out and gone for a run. It doesn’t matter how short it was, you did it! Be proud of yourself! Giving yourself a reward is important. So, you’ve gone for a run, that means you have to be healthy all day and you can’t eat chocolate. NO! Treat yourself, you cannot be strict with yourself every single day, that just leads to further problems down the line, I find if I don’t give myself a little allowance of treat foods every day then I will have one day where I just binge on everything I have wanted all week. This is definitely worse than if you just allow yourself a little every day. Your rewards don’t have to be food related either.
  6. Purchase yourself running gear you likeIf you spend money on the clothes you are planning to wear, you are more likely to wear it! Otherwise, you have wasted the money, not to mention the wardrobe space! If its something you can actually see yourself wearing then you are more likely to wear it. You can’t just purchase the first pair of trainers you see, they need to look good on you. If you purchase the first ones, you don’t really like them, then you will chuck them at the back of the cupboard and leave them there. You actually want to do this, so find things you genuinely like.
  7. Enjoy yourself. You’re never going to want to go out for a run if you don’t enjoy it! Find the things that work for you, if you enjoy going with someone then go with them, if you enjoy going on your own with your headphones in then do that. You must be doing it the right way for you. Remeber, what works for someone else might not work for you!














If running is something you enjoy I would love to hear the things you have done to keep yourself motivated! Jade

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