Things To Do On The Weekend Without Spending

Saving money is something I have always struggled with. You are either a spender or a saver. I am definitely the first of the two. You’re honestly telling me that the number £10.00 in my bank account is cuter than the top I just purchased?
Since moving into my own place I have really tried to rein in my spending habits, by entertaining myself without spending tons of money. I would like to share with you my favourite things to do on the weekend, aside from online shopping!

Movie Night In.

This is the most simple idea, that a lot of people forget. Instead of taking yourself to the pictures to watch a new movie, try staying in either alone, with some friends or a partner and watch some of your favourite movies. You can close the curtains, turn out the lights to create a super cosy environment within the comfort of your own home. If you haven’t got the movies on a disc you could stream them on a subscription service, or borrow them from someone. You don’t even need to like the person if they’ve got the movie invite them over! If you wanted to spend a little money you could go to the shop and get yourself some snacks, and eat them while the movies are on.

Games Night.

This is my personal favourite, I have always been a sucker for a good board game. So when there is a whole evening of them, count me in! You could dig out the old board games that have done nothing but collect dust for the last year, get yourself some snacks and maybe alcohol – only if you’re old enough! If you’re not, please don’t go asking older people for alcohol because I said its okay! If either you aren’t old enough to drink alcohol, or just decide you don’t want to there is always other non-alcoholic drinks that taste SO much nicer than alcohol anyway! Get yourself some board games out, and the time will fly by!


Days and evening when I am on my own, there is nothing better than reading a good book. Getting yourself comfy in bed with a cup of tea, and taking a step away from reality to indulge yourself in a good book. I could sit there for hours on end reading books, it’s something I have always enjoyed. If you don’t enjoy reading books, you could try some magazines or blogs!

Take A Walk.

Walking is something I love doing, whether it be to get places or just for a casual afternoon stroll. After taking a walk I feel super relaxed and ready to tackle the things I have been avoiding. Taking a walk alone or with other people is a great way for easy exercise and a great stress reliever! You can walk through nature and admire the view, or you can take photos of your surroundings, take yourself to new places.

Visiting Family / Friends.

I feel like family and friends are people we all take for granted more often than not. Take some time out of your day to visit some of them, even if you’re just there for 10 minutes, it was a lovely thought. They don’t have to know you’re only seeing them because you’re bored and don’t want to spend money! At least you have seen them, and let them know you’re thinking of them!

Cooking / Baking.

This is something I have never been any good at, I mean I made a cheesecake once at school and it tasted like sour milk – I never tried that again! So, it’s something I would really like to try a little more of, but maybe just start taking the smaller steps first. You can turn up the radio and dance around the kitchen to your favourite songs! It’s something you can do with people or on your own, and once it’s complete you can take a step back and feel proud of what you have achieved.

Get Artsy.

Art is not something I excel at, but when I am bored I can always find a little inspiration, usually from Pinterest!Even though I am pretty bad at it, I love getting creative, it’s something you can do alone or with other people. I like to get my two younger sisters involved and have some fun with it. It can be something as small as Drawing and colouring, to creating something new.

How do you like to spend your weekend? Jade

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