Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

My weekend has been filled with nothing but my guilty pleasures. I purposely made no plans, so I could chill on the sofa / in bed and not do anything! Which, is exactly what I did.

The Kardashians

Something about these people I find fascinating! I have drained my battery twice this weekend, just by spending the time on Instagram watching videos of the Kardashians. It has made me realise how much I enjoyed watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I haven’t watched the past few seasons, but I think I might. There is something about these siblings that make me want to watch more.

The Only Way Is Essex

Another television programme I can’t get enough of! I have actually started watching the programme from the beginning. I started a few weeks back, I am currently towards the end of Season 5! Even though I haven’t watched any of it this weekend, it’s something I love to put on the TV while doing other things. I normally put it on as soon as Sam leaves for work on a Saturday morning, and have to press the ‘Continue Watching’ more than once throughout the day! God Damn Netflix! Of course, I am still there.

Taking a Nap

Sleep is something I need a lot of! If you know anything about me, If I am not replying to a message, I am asleep! The weekend just went I slept more than usual! On Friday Night I went to sleep around 11 pm (I physically can’t stay awake much later than that!) I then woke at around half 7, to then go back to sleep at 10 am. I only woke around 1:45 because my mother rang me! I then stayed awake for a little, playing a few games. Sam then got back from work at 2, so we had a little chat, then both went to sleep at 3:30 pm, I woke up at 6:30. Within 20 hours, I was asleep for 15 of them! I don’t know how I do it, but it’s something I love. Staying in bed, then falling asleep!

iPhone Games

Recently I have been really enjoying playing game son my phone. I love to download new games, play them for a little while then get bored and delete them! Over the weekend just gone I played Village Life, Cat Condo, Tiki Island Solitaire, Harvest Solitaire (Yes! They are both the same game), Bricks’N’Balls, Balls Control, Board Kings, The Tribez, Cash Inc, Idle Miner and Ludo Gold. I always end up falling for the adverts, the ones which you can actually try the game. I enjoy that part of the game, download it then realise it’s totally not my thing! Even though there is a couple that is still on my phone, I am sure by next week they will have been deleted and most likely replaced.

Not Getting Dressed All Day

Something I have always enjoyed, ever since I can remember. I wake up and then go back to bed in the same clothes. I know, that’s kind of disgusting but I am over it. I have my own place now, so I can be as disgusting as I like! I just love lounging around in the place, not doing anything productive. I spent the whole weekend on the Sofa and the Bed, which I am not mad at! The only shower I took was on the Sunday Afternoon because that meant I would have to get up and out of my clothes – Which was NOT happening. I spent the whole of the weekend in my pyjamas, dressing gown and fluffy socks, hair was up and no makeup was used. That is my kind of weekend!

How did you spend your weekend? Jade

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