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18th December

‘Santa saw your Instagram pictures, you’re getting clothes’

Buying Christmas jumpers was so last year! With these tips, you can save money, and spruce up an old outfit to fit the Christmas time of year.

Tinsel, Tinsel and Tinsel. Tinsel, it’s the most inexpensive Christmas decoration, yet has the most uses.

You can use a small amount and wrap it around your hair tie.
While braiding your hair you could add a little to one of the strands, or a different colour to each one.
You wrap tinsel around an Alice band.
If you’re planning to wear a dress wrapping some tinsel around the belt can make you look in the Christmas spirit.
If you don’t have a belt, use the tinsel as a belt. Tie a bow at the back, you’re good to go.
Pin it to the bottom of your skirt/dress.

Wearing a simple headband with reindeers on can save money for a whole new outfit, pair it with a woolly jumper and some cosy trousers.
Or if wearing a headband is something you’re not overly impressed with there are simpler options for your hair. You could find yourself a Christmas clip, Christmas elf hat.
Wearing something in your hair isn’t always for everyone, especially if you have spent ages getting it in the perfect updo. you could swap the hair accessories for some Christmas themed earrings, necklace or a bracelet.


Glitter and Sparkles mean Christmas. Just like the tinsel Glitter is so inexpensive, yet has so many different uses and looks you can create.

You can glue it to your skin to create patterns. (Please be careful with allergies, rashes and your eyes)
You could add a little sparkle to your lipstick, by either mixing it in with your colour or applying it on top.
Glitter roots appear to be in style at the moment, you could add a little glitter to your roots for an extra touch.
If you don’t want to apply it to your roots, you could ‘dip-dye’ your hair with glitter.
Adding some glitter to some simple dangly earring could be an easy option.

Without having these accessories you could always go for a simple red lipstick look to feel in the Christmas spirit.
Having a green and red smokey eye is a safe bet for this time of year also.
While we are talking about makeup you could match your lips and nails together.
If you’re a little more artistic you could draw something Christmassy with your liner, possibly a Christmass tree, a bauble or you could use your liner as Santa’s belt.

Going out might not be your thing and you would prefer staying at home. If that sounds just like you then you can still make yourself feel more Christmassy.

There are Christmas themed slippers.
Pyjamas can always be made Christmas themed.
Christmas printed leggings are a cosy option.

I will go more into the Christmas Cosy clothes in a later post – so keep an eye out for that one!

If you have any more tips to make an outfit Christmas themes, then please let me know in the comments! Jade xo

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