Happy 8th Birthday Kasey!

On the 20th October my little sister turned 8, as a birthday present for her we took her to the Wild Place Project. This is a day trip that includes animals, play areas and activities for the children. In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting much from the place. Previous to going I hadn’t done any research and thought it would just be a little place for the younger kids to look at a few farm animals, and get bored within a couple of hours. Let me tell you how pleasantly surprised I was.

The first animal we came across was the Giraffes, which are my favourite animal, so I was pretty happy with that. There was three all together, munching away on their leaves. One thing I found really interesting was the fact they had signs up by all of the animals, giving you some facts about them and their names and date of birth.

Upon leaving the Giraffe enclosure there was a field with Zebras, I was surprised at how much room they had to graze in.
We then allowed the children to play within their park area, which was suitable for children aged 3 – 10. There was some smaller areas, as well as some larger areas.

After allowing the children play we then sat them down to eat the picnic we had packed for them, I went over to the cafe to get myself a tea – I am obsessed! While sitting there the Guineafowl birds were perching near us and flocked to try and get some of our food. I was then crouching down to see if they would get closer to me, which I am impressed at how brave a few of them were, they were all very close! I was then greeted with a little robin – I feel I now officially feel its winter!

We headed then straight to the Meerkats, another animal that I love to watch. There was an inside area and an outside area. I preferred the outside bit because the inside was extremely humid – Something myself and my hair did not enjoy.

The Lemur enclosure was the favourite of them all among all of us though, As we were arriving we were talking to one of their volunteers, who was telling us about each of them and told us there is a talk in around 5 minutes which they tell you some interesting things about the Lemurs and they feed them. The Lemur enclosure was a walk-through one, so you could get extremely close to them: Due to it being the mating season we couldn’t touch them, they get a little over excited sometimes! I actually feel I learnt a fair bit about the Lemurs – They are not classed as Monkeys, and there are over 106 species of Lemur around the world!

Just before the exit, there was an inside play area where we let the kids play for another 20 minutes or so, while the adults sat down, we all told each other how impressed we were with the day out, and would all definitely be going again!

Of course, not all of the day is perfect, because of the out-of-peak time of year we attended there was a lot of things not available to ourselves. There was a barefoot trail, which was meant to be super muddy and dirty for the kids to take their shoes and socks off, and get dirty and involved with the mud. One of the main reasons we chose to go here was because of the climbing wall, which they only open on the weekend, which was a little disappointing. Besides these things not being open for us to enjoy, we all had a good day, and I would recommend this to people with younger children that enjoy getting out and seeing some animals – which are most children!

If you’ve been to any animal places I would love to know where I love seeing animals; Even if the children are not with me! Jade xo

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