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21st December

‘ Believe in the magic of Christmas’

I have been tagged by two people to do this tag! The first is Lily, the second was Jasmine. I am so glad to be taking p;art in both of these.

Questions from Lily:

 Eat Brussel sprouts or cauliflower cheese?

As much as I love Cauliflower cheese, I have his all year round, the only time I eat sprouts is at Christmas. They are amazing, so I choose Sprouts.

 Have twinkling lights or still lights?
My favourite kind of light is the blue twinkly ones.
Eat gingerbread or Ferraro Roche?
Ferraro Roche all the way!
Open your Xmas presents with only immediate family or with all of your family members?
Immediate family for sure, I don’t like having my whole family in one place – Because there is so many of us!
Cook Xmas dinner for the whole family or don’t eat Xmas dinner at all?
It’s not Christmas without a Christmas dinner – I would have to cook it for the whole family, but it wouldn’t taste very nice.
Have a real Xmas tree or a fake Xmas tree?
FAKE! The real trees smell so bad!
Use blue, yellow, white or multicoloured lights?
Yellow has always been my favourite colour, but blue is cute for Christmas. I have something against the multi-coloured ones, I just don’t like them at all.
Eat mince pies or Xmas cake?
I actually don’t like either of these foods, but if I was to choose one it would be the Mince Pie – It’s smaller and I could pour loads of Custard over it.
Wake up at 6 am or 10 am?
I feel like anyone who says 6 am is lying!
Drink champagne or hot chocolate?
Hot Chocolate is the clear winner here for me.
Eat Heros or Roses?
I really struggled with this question, I have come to the decision ‘As long as it is Chocolate then I am happy’.
Get a puppy for Xmas or a kitten for Xmas?
I have already got a kitty, but another wouldn’t hurt!
Watch Elf or Home Alone?
ELF! I would watch this all year round if I could.
Only be able to listen to Xmas songs all year round or never hear a Xmas song again?
Never hear a Christmas song again, I can get into the Christmas spirit without music.
Wake up bright and early and get all of the best boxing day sale goodies or stay warm and cosy in bed wearing your new Xmas PJs?
As much as I love a good bargain, nothing beats staying at home in my PJ’s! Plus, there is internet shopping now.

Questions from Jasmine:

Would you rather open your presents in the evening or the morning?

I have always opened present in the morning, I wouldn’t want to change that.

Would you rather spend Christmas with your immediate family or lots of relatives from all over the place?

Most of my family live pretty close, so we see them more often than a lot of families. I would rather spend the day with just my immediate family, I can then see the other family Boxing Day.

Would you rather have a cheese board for dessert or Christmas Pudding?


Would you rather watch Love Actually once a day for a year or listen to ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ once a day for a year?

I think to listen to the song, it’s a lot shorter than the movie.

Would you rather be able to only give presents or to only receive presents? (Specifically at Christmas, not for your whole life)

Give presents, My birthday is March so it wouldn’t be too long for me to wait!
There we go, I would love to see all of your answers! So I tag everyone – Make sure you link me so I can see your answers! Jade xo

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